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About the Instructor – Jennifer Fixman

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jennifer Fixman, Miss Jenny,” has delighted and inspired thousands of teachers with her innovative way of blending songs into the classroom curriculum. Her practical strategies strengthen the learning of early literacy skills. All of her ideas are classroom‑tested and consistent with current educational research. “Miss Jenny” has published extensive amounts of material and has professionally produced over 300 songs. She has licensed songs to a variety of publishers, including MacMillan‑McGraw Hill, Pearson Canada and NASA. Jennifer is the author of Read it! Write it! Sing it! Rhyme it! Enhance Early Literacy Skills (Preschool‑Second Grade), the comprehensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Miss Jenny’s presentations are fast‑moving, practical, inspiring, filled with an abundance of classroom‑proven ideas, and punctuated with songs and stories that touch the heart and nourish our own pride in being teachers. You’ll leave her engaging seminar with a wealth of practical ideas and creative songs you’ll be able to use immediately in your own classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Great ideas! I appreciate the CD that goes with the resource handbook! I will be using these songs and ideas ASAP!”
– Jennifer Dees, Kindergarten Teacher

“Wonderful seminar! Filled with valuable approaches – most enjoyable!”
– Janie Cowgill, Preschool Teacher

“Right up my alley! I loved all the songs!
– Jane Power, Paraprofessional

“Jennifer Fixman rocks! She is highly motivating and provided a wealth of wonderful suggestions and ideas for any professional working with children in the classroom or therapy room.”
– Michelle Knudsen, Speech/Language Pathologist

“This seminar has sparked lots of ideas for curricular integration! My students will certainly be singing lots of co‑curricular songs!”
– Margaret Fitzgerald, Music Teacher

“Miss Jenny took us on a splendid cross‑curricular musical journey. It was fun and educational! I will be using her materials in my classroom.
– Esther Denniston, Kindergarten Teacher

So informative and fun! Jenny is a wonderful presenter who has a lovely spirit.”
– Mary Anne Slack, Music Teacher

“I’m leaving with tons of valuable resources to use in my classroom!”
– Donna Gosselin, Pre‑K Teacher

“This seminar was very helpful and so full of practical ideas and musical strategies. Jennifer provided us with a wealth of ways to create music to support literacy‑based learning in the classroom. She is delightful and her presentation is relaxing and comfortable for learning. Her materials are research‑based and match up with our state guidelines. Jennifer’s love of children comes through in her presentation, and her students are lucky to have her.”
– Doris Turney, Music Teacher

“As a music teacher, I have appreciated being exposed to these valuable ideas that will help me make better song choices. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher! It is always an inspiration to be in the company of an accomplished, enthusiastic presenter!”
– Elizabeth Allym, Music Teacher