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About the Instructor – Glenn Wiebe

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

GLENN WIEBE has many years of social studies teaching experience at the middle school and high school level and now spends his time sharing what works with social studies teachers across the country.

Glenn is the author of 101 Most Powerful Strategies to Enhance SOCIAL STUDIES Instruction (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Additional authorships include the award-winning website History Tech. He has also published articles in the National Social Studies Supervisors Association journal and the Teaching History website. Long active on his state's social studies council, Glenn is also currently on the executive board of the National Social Studies Supervisors Association.

Glenn's unique and powerful background is guaranteed to give you an entertaining, high-energy and practical learning experience! He consistently receives high marks for his spot-on practical strategies and ability to integrate resources and ideas across grade levels and content areas.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Glenn shares great information to take back to all social studies teachers!"
Kristi Berlin, Teaching & Learning Director

"Glenn is very informative."
Tim Sullivan, H.S. Teacher

"Glenn presents a great seminar. I learned so many new things that I am excited to try in my classes."
Jessica Chojnicki, Teacher

"Glenn shares so many new things that I can start using sooner, rather than later! I plan to use the VR, gaming and primary source strategies right away."
Brenda Bosley, Social Studies Teacher

"Glenn presented an excellent seminar with loads of invaluable and useful information and resources."
Ellie Mazzio, Teacher

"The best part of Glenn's seminar is the fact that I can take a number of these strategies to my classroom immediately."
Amanda Adams, H.S. Teacher

"Glenn's seminar was so beneficial. I've added multiple tools to my toolbelt that are content-specific! I'm excited to try them. Glenn made it professional, yet fun. He was engaging and took the time to talk to each of us throughout the seminar."
Kimberly Long, Social Studies Teacher

"Glenn gave tons of strategies to use in the classroom that are totally realistic and are a blend of technology and tactile resources that engage all learner types. Definitely worth the day."
Kasey Puskas, Social Studies Teacher

"Glenn shared extremely valuable information. It was awesome!"
Rich Newman, Teacher

"Glenn is very helpful and entertaining. His great seminar has many tools I will use to enhance my classroom."
Matthew Griesmer, H.S. Teacher