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About the Instructor – Cindy Merrilees

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cindy Merrilees is an outstanding presenter, author, literacy specialist, and highly experienced primary teacher. She trains teachers and presents seminars and workshops across the country. She is the co-author of two popular professional books for teachers, Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader, and Write on Target.

You will receive the resource handbook she wrote specifically for this seminar, Practical and Easy Ways to Use READING CLUBS to Strengthen the Literacy Skills of Your Students (Grades 1-3). Cindy is known for her down-to-earth, practical classroom strategies to help all students become better readers.

Cindy’s expertise, practicality and enthusiasm keep her seminars fast-moving, fun and filled with useful ideas you can implement immediately in your classroom or school. You won’t want to miss this idea-packed day all about how to use reading clubs to greatly strengthen your students’ reading skills.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Awesome resources and great presentation. Cindy was so enthusiastic! Very user-friendly materials, ideas and explanation of procedures. Thanks for the help!”

Very practical ideas I can use tomorrow in the classroom! Great advice for all of us, beginning teachers and veterans.”

“This is the best workshop I have attended in years – down-to-earth, realistic! I can’t wait to go back and implement it tomorrow! Cindy answered questions honestly and didn’t dodge issues. Told us what works and doesn’t work. Thank you!”

Cindy is very practical. It’s evident that she practices what she preaches and that she understands our struggles in the classroom!”

“Wow! How refreshing to have a seminar taught by someone who understands the real issues of a classroom! Great, practical, easy-to-use information!

“This seminar has been valuable and useful for me. I will go back to my classroom on Monday and use these ideas.

“I like the fact that you spoke about actual things ‘to do’ in the classroom. So many times presenters tell us ‘what’ to do but not ‘how’ to do. Lots of great ideas that I’m going to use.

Great workshop! Just what I needed to improve this part of my teaching. Thank you!”

“Information presented was very useful and appropriate to my grade level. Major benefit: I can use information from this seminar in my classroom immediately.

Cindy is excellent at presenting information quickly, efficiently and at a practical level. It is clear that she works in classrooms and still has a passion for teaching children to read.”

“Interesting, engaging and fun seminar. All of the information was very useful and practical in the real-life classroom! Thank you!”

“Cindy Merrilees was so enthusiastic and engaging that time just skipped right on by. This workshop was terrific.