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Mary Peterson is an enthusiastic, K-2 teacher with over 26 years of teaching experience. Known for her highly motivating ideas and the practicality of her presentations, she is an expert in implementing both guided reading and Response to Intervention in the classroom.

Mary is the author of two professional books from Scholastic: Extra Practice Math Centers: Addition, Subtraction and More (2007)and Extra Practice Math Centers: Multiplication, Division and More (2007). She is also the author of RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION in a Guided Reading Classroom: Practical Strategies to Meet the Needs of All Your Students (Grades K-2), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Mary presents seminars that are fast-paced, inspiring and, above all, practical.

You will leave this seminar with a wealth of ideas, strategies and activities you can implement immediately as you use guided reading in a Response to Intervention model.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Just what I needed – terrific strategies to help me implement guided reading in our new RTI program. Mary presents with such enthusiasm and passion for helping all children learn to read!”
– Lillian Gardner, 1st Grade Teacher

“All I can say is ‘Wow!’ All the wonderful ideas can be taken directly back into the classroom and used!”
– Charlotte Liefer, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Mary Peterson is the most interesting and informative presenter whom I have ever encountered. I am amazed at all the valuable ideas she shared!”
– Jo Brown, Literacy Coach

“Mary has so many good, practical ideas for guided reading and Response to Intervention! If I ever see another seminar with Mrs. Peterson as the presenter, I’ll be there and I’ll encourage my colleagues to attend as well!”
– Sharon Hoerr, 1st Grade Teacher

“A great seminar! Full of practical ideas that I can use right away and share with my colleagues!
– Elizabeth Smith, Literacy Coach

“Mary presented so many valuable ideas that I will be able to use immediately with my small reading groups!”
– Mike Dowal, Paraeducator II

“Fantastic seminar! I found it uplifting and so inspiring. And I’m leaving with so many terrific ideas that I can use immediately!”
– Ann Nolin, Kindergarten Teacher

“Absolutely outstanding! Mary provided a wealth of tools, resources and activities. She covered the essential topics – all with great detail and explanation! This is the most well-organized seminar I have ever attended!”
– Alyssa Jewell, Reading Teacher

“Everything Mary presented today is very doable with little, if any, cost. Incredible (but simple to implement) ideas that I know will make a difference for my struggling readers.
– Cheryl Duplissa, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

“The resource handbook is outstanding! There are so many clearly explained guided reading ideas and activitiesto use with our Response to Intervention program.”
– Theresa Czachor, 1st/2nd Grade RTI Teacher

“Mary did a great job of presenting many practical methods and ideas in a user-friendly format. She reminded me that my reading intervention can be fun and engaging – not dry and boring.”
– Nancy Smith, Kindergarten Teacher

“Great presentation! Practical activities that can be easily implemented in any guided reading program.
– Tim Alvarado, Assistant Principal

“This was a fun and very informative seminar! Thank you, Mary, for all the great ideas that I can put into practice immediately!”
– Vicki Haba, 1st Grade Teacher