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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cindy Merrilees is an excellent presenter and a highly experienced teacher who trains teachers and presents workshops at regional and national conferences. She is the co-author of two popular professional books, Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader and Write on Target.

Cindy is also the author of Using the Best, Current COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES To Strengthen Your Students' Reading Skills (Grades 3-6), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at this seminar.

Cindy's practical classroom experience, expertise and enthusiasm make her seminars especially relevant and practical for grades 3-6. She will give you dozens of effective and research-based strategies for you to use immediately in your grades 3-6 classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I appreciate the valuable timesaving resources I have received to use in my classroom.”
– Ann Watson, 5th Grade Teacher

Excellent seminar! I can't wait to get back to my classroom tomorrow to use these practical strategies with my students and to share with my fellow teachers.”
– Jeanne Misenheimer, 5th Grade Teacher

This seminar is awesome! I can take this information and start using it immediately!”
– Jean Fryer, 6th Grade Reading Teacher

“Excellent seminar! I am taking with me practical and ready-to-use materials.”
– Amber Yousie, 5th/6th Grade Teacher

Absolutely excellent! I didn't know so much content could be covered in a one-day seminar and Cindy does it in a timely, easy-to-follow sequence. The resource handbook is very well put together and is great to have with its ready-to-use, easy-to-adapt materials.”
– Debbie Kruchkowski, 6th Grade Teacher

Exciting and resourceful seminar with great ideas! I can hardly wait to get back to class!”
– Cheryl Lindenbach, 4th/5th Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much for the excellent ideas that I'll be able to use right away! I appreciate Cindy's humor and passion for teaching reading comprehension.”
– Jennifer McGregor, 5th Grade Teacher

“Excellent seminar! Lots of terrific hands-on materials to use in classrooms. It is obvious Cindy has a love of books and reading.”
– B. Wells, Resource Teacher

I loved this seminar! Cindy is such an interesting, enjoyable and sensible presenter. I have lots of terrific resources to take back with me and use in the classroom”
– Debra Posehn, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Good comprehension ideas I can use right away in the classroom.”
– Barbara Martin, LD Teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I appreciate all the great literature used and Cindy's enthusiasm. I am very excited about using the strategies and skills presented today.
– Emily Byrd, 4th Grade Teacher

“I truly enjoyed this seminar. It was very informative with a wealth of super activities that I will start using as soon as I get back to school.”
– Wendy Fipps, 4th Grade Teacher

“This was one of the best seminars providing easy, interesting and very practical ideas to promote comprehension in our students. I can't believe the day went by so quickly.”
– Cherri Carpenter, District Reading Coach