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About the Instructor – Cindy Merrilees

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cindy Merrileesis an excellent presenter and a highly experienced primary teacher. In addition, Cindy trains teachers and presents work­shops at regional and national conferences. She is the co-author of two popular professional books for teachers Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader and Write on Target, as well as the author of ADVANCED GUIDED READING STRATEGIES: New, Practical Ideas to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Guided Reading Instruction (Grades 1-3), the resource handbook each participant will receive at her seminar.

Cindy’s expertise, practicality and enthusiasm keep her seminars fast‑moving, enjoyable and filled with useful ideas you can implement immediately in your own primary classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I could have listened and discussed guided reading for days with Cindy. The seminar was excellent! It provided a realistic approach for the everyday teacher.
- Lana Lane, 2nd Grade Teacher

Cindy Merrilees was wonderful at explaining how to use guided reading in the classroom. She gave practical strategies to use to engage all students in guided reading. It was a fantastic seminar.”
- Amanda Park, 1st Grade Teacher

Fun, fast-paced and engaging. Very useful.”
- Julie Levelius, 3rd Grade Teacher

This was a super presentation! I learned so much and am very excited to get back to school and use all these new ideas!
- Jessica Sikorski, 1st Grade Teacher

I thought the seminar was wonderful! The presenter was so down-to-earth and approachable! Her suggestions and teachings were very practical and just like we as teachers want to engage our students, she engaged us! The resource handbook is amazing too! Thank you!
- Kelli Johns, 2nd Grade Teacher

As a veteran teacher, I left with lots of practical ideas I can use immediately in my second grade classroom. She reinforced practices I’m already using and gave me new activities to use in my guided reading groups.
- Bonnie Dimond, 2nd Grade Teacher

Excellent seminar! Cindy gave wonderful, very practical ideas. She answered many ‘what if’ questions. It was one of the most thorough and useful guided reading seminars I have attended!
- Linda Hinrichs, 1st Grade Teacher

Cindy is very up to date with current obstacles teachers face in the classroom. She is an excellent presenter who doesn’t sugar coat the realities of the classroom yet suggests possible solutions that are practical and achievable.
- Kapualiani Mashima, Teacher

Everything seems doable. I really liked how Cindy explained ‘how-to’ and then showed a video clip of it in action. Great ideas that I would like to try in my classroom immediately.
- Kelly Tomiyashi, 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

Excellent strategies for meeting the needs of all students with guided reading techniques.”
- Antoinette Goodwin, 2nd Grade Teacher

Practical, useful and research-based information! I laughed too! Thank you!”
- Julie Christman, 1st Grade Teacher

“A great day! It’s wonderful to come away with practical ideas to try right away. Theory is fine and needed, but the ‘how-to’ is what teachers crave and Cindy does it splendidly.”
- Judy Gerner, 1st Grade Teacher