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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cindy Merrilees is an excellent presenter and a highly experienced primary teacher. In addition, Cindy trains teachers and presents work­shops at regional and national conferences. She is the co-author of two popular professional books for teachers, Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader and Write on Target, as well as the author of Effectively Using GUIDED READING: Strategies That Work (Grades 1-3), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Cindy’s expertise, practicality and enthusiasm keep her seminars fast-moving, enjoyable and filled with useful ideas you can implement immediately in your own primary classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Cindy Merrilees is an excellent presenter. I could feel her passion and it made me excited to go back to my classroom to try the new strategies I learned.”
– Danielle Inamn, First Grade Teacher

“This was by far the most informative reading workshop I’ve attended. Cindy Merrilees was very engaging and humorous.”
– Shiba Q. Hill, Third Grade Teacher

“Great day! Easy-to-use, practical ways to make guided reading more manageable and beneficial to the students.”
– Kathy Timmons, First Grade Teacher

“Cindy got me so excited about guided reading. So many fantastic easy-to-implement ideas.  She is very knowledgeable and a fabulous, entertaining speaker. I’m glad I came!”
– Lena Newton, First/Second Grade Teacher

The most meaningful professional development I have attended in nine years of teaching.”
– Jamie Sheldon, Third Grade Teacher

“Cindy was terrific. She made it easy for us to learn and helped us make practical, valuable, real-life connections. Her ideas can easily be implemented in my classroom. Thank you.”
– Teresa Flanagan, Second Grade Teacher

“The seminar has been valuable and useful to me and I will go back to my classroom on Monday and use many of these ideas. Cindy Merrilees presented as a colleague, not as a presenter with a rote presentation. I really enjoyed this day, presented in the spirit of children. Thank you!”
– Bonnie Spahmann, Third Grade Teacher

“This seminar was very informative. Cindy shared many examples and real-life situations. The handbook was full of great resources to use in the classroom.”
– Susanne Shaw, Second Grade Teacher

“Loved the pace, information and ready-to-use strategies!
– Krista Vassie, Teacher

“Very practical ideas – can be used tomorrow in the classroom! Great advice for all of us, beginning teachers and veterans! Cindy is very personal and I loved her humor.”
– Barbara Daugherty, Instructional Coach

“Although I’ve been doing guided reading for a number of years, I picked up some great new ideas from this seminar.”
– Beth Cutrone, First Grade Teacher

This seminar was awesome! I feel so much more informed and confident about teaching guided reading. Great ideas and resources I can incorporate into my groups right away.”
– Kendel Torkildson, Literacy Teacher

“Cindy is an excellent presenter. Her enthusiasm, passion and teaching style is engaging. I appreciated all the examples and clear step by step process of guided reading. Thank you for the detailed resources and samples.”
– Shelley Nielsen, Principal