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About the Instructor – Elaine Lindsay

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

ELAINE LINDSAY is well known for the highly practical value of her presentations. As a physical education teacher, coach, department chair, and university lecturer, she has been a pioneer in developing physical education programs focused on fitness. Selected as the 1996 National Teacher of the Year for Secondary Physical Education, Elaine is both an outstanding presenter and a superb practitioner. Her 30 years of experience and inexhaustible energy will make this seminar a valuable experience for all physical education teachers in grades 6-12. Elaine is the author of The NEW Physical Education: Strengthening Your Physical Education Program with the Best, Current Practices and Activities (Grades 6-12), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. You’ll leave with a wealth of proven strategies, ideas and activities that will make an immediate difference in your program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Instructor

“This seminar provided new ideas that I can use tomorrow in my classes. Elaine is very informative, energetic and knowledgeable.”  – Tammy Baldwin, Physical Education/Health Teacher

“Great job! I learned new, creative techniques to teach and motivate my students.” – Rick Babitts, Physical Education Teacher

“Elaine’s passion for physical education has given me hope and confidence for my teaching in the future. The information she presented was highly practical and I can’t wait to start using what I learned today.” – Stephen Waters, Physical Education Teacher

“Ms. Lindsay is an outstanding presenter who gives new insight into an old topic!” – Steve Scott, Physical Education Teacher

Excellent content! I will use much of what I learned today to enhance my program.” – Patrick Shilley, Physical Education Instructor

“Highly motivating and practical ideas! I needed a shot in the arm!” – Leta Edde, Physical Education Teacher

“I learned many new ideas that I plan to add to my curriculum to make my program better for students!”  – Stacy Williams, Physical Education Teacher

“Fantastic! Elaine gave me lots of great ideas that I can use in my class tomorrow. Well-presented, organized and useful!”  – Bill Springhorn, Physical Education Teacher

“Elaine, you held my attention from the moment you started to your last words! I feel overwhelmed with all the new information, but I’m also excited about the many innovative ideas I learned.”  – Amy Hunt, Physical Education Instructor

“Elaine is a very enthusiastic speaker with great stories! Wonderful information and ideas for enhancing my program!” – Jen Croll, Physical Education Teacher

“What an energetic, passionate speaker Elaine Lindsay is! She has given me many new and exciting ideas and has made me proud to be a physical education teacher!” – V. Markley, Physical Education Teacher

Wonderful, practical ideas for updating my curriculum and assessment! Elaine has great energy and a passion for physical education.” – Gail Moser, Physical Education Teacher