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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jeff Stenroos is an outstanding teacher who is well known for fun, highly practical and engaging seminars chock-full of ideas that teachers can use immediately. Jeff has taught the math program used in Singapore for numerous years and has been involved in training teachers in these strategies.

In addition, Jeff is the author of How to Use the Best Strategies from Singapore to Strengthen Your Math Instruction (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. His classrooms are energetic, high-paced, dynamic, interactive student-based learning environments where math is a process, not a product.

Spending a day with Jeff will increase your enthusiasm for teaching math and give you practical strategies to enhance your students’ achievement!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Very interesting! I learned so many new ideas and strategies to take back to my classroom.”
- Amber Fitzgibbon, 4th/5th Grade Math Teacher

Great, practical strategies that can be easily implemented in my classroom.”
- Keisha Battle, Academic Data Coach

Jeff’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the content are excellent! I plan on using his activities immediately in my classroom. Thank you!”
- Teri Daloy, 4th Grade Teacher

Jeff Stenroos is very knowledgeable. His ideas are very age appropriate and relevant. Thank you!”
- Stephanie Willows-Nykang, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Jeff shared many useful and fun strategies to use basic operations in our classrooms.”
- Mike Payne, 5th Grade Math Teacher

This seminar is excellent! Jeff presented engaging activities to use in the classroom. Many have little to no prep and can be used right away!”
- Jody Lamphere, 3rd Grade Teacher

Awesome seminar! I’m inspired to excite my students about math using these ideas!”
- Cassie Bush, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This is a very informative seminar. I learned practical ideas to use immediately in my classroom.”
- Cindy Burks, Teacher

This seminar is very informative - I’m walking away with a great deal of resources I can start using tomorrow!”
- Teri Daloy, 4th Grade Teacher

“This seminar gave me great hands-on, practical strategies for teaching students of all ages.”
- Laura Hardy, 5th Grade Teacher