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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cassy Turner is an outstanding teacher who is well known for her high energy and her practical, engaging seminars chock-full of ideas that teachers can use immediately to implement Singapore Math Model Drawing in their own classrooms.

Cassy has taught Singapore Mathematics for years and has been involved in training teachers in Singapore Mathematics Model Drawing strategies both nationally and internationally.

Recently, Cassy traveled to Singapore, visiting schools and talking with officials in their National Institute of Education and the Ministry of Education. She is a member of the team that authored the first approved training manual for Singapore Mathematics for the state of California. In addition, Cassy is the author of Boost Students’ Math Problem-Solving Skills Using Singapore Model Drawing (Grades 2-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Cassy’s seminars are fast-paced, fun and full of hands-on methods you can use immediately to get started with Model Drawing in your own classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Excellent content taught with enthusiasm and skill! This seminar is both practical and inspiring!”
- Kathleen Dunne Millar, Director of Lower School

“Really great! Makes me think of math in a whole new way. I can’t wait to try out these methods with my students!”
- Mindy Bhuyan, Teacher

“Cassy is great - engaging, informative and motivating! I look forward to using what I learned today in my own classroom!”
- Carissa Redeker, 4th Grade Teacher

“Even though my school doesn’t use Singapore Mathematics, the strategies I learned can easily apply to my math instruction. This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended!”
- Anne Marie Christopher, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Helpful, succinct, clear, hands-on, fun!”
- R. Doug Hoff, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Loved this seminar! Cassy is upbeat, knowledgeable and engaging!”
- Cindy Hermida, Math Specialist

“This seminar is awesome! I know I will be able to use these strategies with my students immediately!”
- Mandy Taylor, 2nd Grade Teacher

Very helpful information! Can’t wait to share it with our team!”
- Stephanie Gonzales, 6th Grade Teacher

“Great information! This will really help me teach math to my fourth graders!”
- Tammy Norby, 4th Grade Teacher

Amazing seminar! I can’t wait to go back and implement these ideas. Thank you!”
- Noemi Perez-Molina, Resource Teacher

“Best seminar I have ever attended! I will be able to use everything I learned today. I’m eager to start!”
- Carrie Noderer, 4th Grade Teacher

“Cassy obviously knows her stuff and understands real teachers and real classrooms!”
- Jenny Miller, 4th Grade Teacher

“This was the most beneficial model drawing class I’ve ever attended! Cassy is very enthusiastic and the handbook is very well put together with problems that will be a valuable resource to use later.”
- Jeanette Clare, 4th-6th Grade Gifted Teacher