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About the Instructor – Sherri Adler

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sherri Adler is an outstanding math educator, a co-author of several mathematics books and a national presenter who is known for her innovation, enthusiasm and practical ideas for teaching math in grades 1-5.

Sherri brings to her seminars her rich experience as a classroom teacher, math resource teacher and math coach. Sherri has taught in public, private and charter schools, been a popular speaker at national math conferences and trained numerous educators at schools throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. In addition, Sherri is the author of Increasing Your Students’ Mastery of Math Facts and Mental Math Skills (Grades 1-5), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Designed for educators in grades 1-5 who are eager to learn outstanding ways to help their students master math facts and increase their mental math abilities, this seminar will show you specific ways you can motivate, engage, and build your students’ confidence and skills as competent math students.

Join Sherri for a day full of ways you can enhance your math instruction and increase your students’ mathematical skills, even those who struggle with learning and mastering their math facts.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I loved all the new games to play with my students. This makes me super excited because this whole seminar can be implemented at any time.”
- Alyson Kriewaldt, 4th Grade Teacher

“I enjoyed this seminar. It was wonderful to be introduced to different ways to use the materials that I already have access to in the classroom. I can’t wait to get back into my classroom to show my students! Thank you!”
- Tammika Thomas, Teacher

“Engaging! Great hands-on and usable material/games.
- Karli Phillips, 2nd Grade Teacher

Fabulous ideas that I can take back to school and use immediately!”
- Angela Nixoll, 4th Grade Teacher

“The information about strategies, manipulative use and math anxiety will prove very beneficial for all of my students at so many different academic levels!”
- Jennifer Fischer, 5th Grade Teacher

Excellent presenter/presentation! Love that I can take ideas back and use right away. Thank you!”
- Patricia Creek, Math Interventionist

“I really enjoyed the seminar. I’ll definitely use these games in my classroom. Thank you!”
- Megan Wimer, Title I Math Teacher

One of the best seminars I have attended. It was actually FUN learning all these fun games for math. I am walking away with lots of engaging strategies I can use tomorrow with my students. Loved it!”
- Sabina Rodenkirch, 4th Grade Teacher

“I love that I can take these ideas and easily implement them the next day in my classroom. As an educator, I’m always looking for fun, engaging, practical, hands-on math techniques. This seminar gave me tons of ideas!”
- Brenda Kowalski, 2nd Grade Teacher

Excellent presentation! Great ideas to enhance my math curriculum. Can’t wait to use them!”
- Maureen Carnavos, Primary Grade Coordinator

“Thank you for all the great ideas! I will use them with my groups. My students will learn to love math again!”
- Kris Colonna, AIS Math, K-3

Sherri is an excellent presenter and was very engaging! I have definitely taken many ideas from today’s seminar. Thank you!”
- Barbara Kaderli, K-4 Math Intervention