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Dr. Nicki Newton is a dynamic national presenter who is passionate about helping teachers teach the rigorous Common Core mathematics standards. With over 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher and math consultant, she has worked extensively with regular and special education students, bilingual and ELL students, classroom teachers, and math coaches. Nicki knows the challenges of teaching the Common Core math standards and she has a wealth of tips, tools and practical strategies to make this process easier for teachers in grades 3-5.

Nicki provides effective, ready-to-use strategies for planning, organizing and managing math lessons designed to teach the standards. Her presentations are firmly grounded in research-based, teacher-centered techniques to meet the diverse needs of today’s math learners. In addition to presenting seminars, setting up math lab sites and developing highly effective ways to teach the Common Core standards in math, she is the author of Practical Strategies to Help Your Students Meet or Exceed the COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS STANDARDS (Grades 3-5), the valuable resource handbook each participant will receive at this seminar.

Nicki’s presentations are lively and interactive with practical tips you can use immediately in your own math instruction. You will leave this fast-paced seminar with a wealth of ideas to put the Common Core standards fully into practice in your own math lessons.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Nicki enhanced my understanding of the Common Core standards with great articulation and ease. An excellent seminar!
- Rachel Vachen, 5th Grade Math Teacher

“The best seminar I have attended in years! Dr. Newton is knowledgeable, dynamic and thoroughly engaging!”
- Ellen Farnham, Math Resource Teacher

Excellent tools and resources for all grade levels! Practical, helpful, and I appreciate access to Nicki’s blog!”
- Lorraine O’Rourke, Basic Skills Teacher, Grades 1-8

“This seminar is really enriching in both ideas and suggestions! I’m excited to take many of them back to my classroom!”
- Eileen Keating, 5th Grade Teacher

“Nicki helped me gain a much better understanding of the Common Core standards in math and ways to teach them in my classroom. Thank you!”
- Stephanie Myint, Teacher

“Great seminar! Nicki is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks for an enlightening day!”
- Jason D’Oro, 5th Grade Math Teacher

“Anyone who teaches math and is aligning instruction to the Common Core standards will find Nicki’s seminar extremely useful!”
- Lori McLoughlin, Teacher

“Excellent! Thanks for all the ideas, websites and access to your blog! I can’t wait to use them in my classroom!”
- Karen King, Teacher

“What an excellent overview of the standards and their subsets. I wish my whole school could have been here today!”
- Cheryl King, 3rd Grade Teacher

Awesome resources and manipulatives! I will use Nicki’s blog and the great websites she shared.”
- Darice Robbs, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Thanks! So many great resources and information to make teaching to the standards doable!”
- Rachel Leipprandt, 4th Grade Teacher

“Excellent! Great ideas and good explanations about the Common Core!”
- Marcia Pitts, Math Specialist

“I am excited about implementing the ideas Nicki taught us today. Thanks for the wealth of resources!”
- Pam Gibson, 5th-6th Grade Math Teacher

“Thank you for all the wonderful tips, tricks and tools that I can use with my students and colleagues!”
- Noelle Gold, 4th Grade Teacher

“Great websites! The resource handbook is loaded with practical information and activities I can implement at any time of the year for every specific topic in math!”
- Joyce Machcinski, 5th Grade Teacher