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About the Instructor – Wade McJacobs

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Wade McJacobs has been working with struggling students for over 30 years. He has worked in a variety of settings across all grades K-12 including regular schools, alternative schools and residential treatment centers. Wade has shared his strategies and techniques at multiple conferences as well as in a published article, "Stages of Studenting", and in his book, The Read Through It Strategy: Building Confidence First Then Comprehension for Secondary Struggling Readers.

Using stories, humor, and true-to-life simulations of student experiences, Wade shares practical techniques and strategies that effectively empower students to feel success. Furthermore, Wade's approach toward mindset empowers participants to creatively develop their own strategies for building confidence in their students. He is the author of the handbook MOTIVATING THE UNMOTIVATED: Teaching the Hard-to-Reach Student, which you will receive as a participant in this seminar.

Join Wade for a day of story-telling and sharing of proven techniques and strategies for building confidence that allows students to feel motivated to engage in their lives of learning.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"One of the greatest lessons I learned from Wade is the understanding that not every student learns in the same manner."

"Wade emphasized that it is the educator's responsibility to be flexible and adapt their teaching style to serve all students to be their best."

"Wade's strategies teach us how to allow students to trust their own brains while figuring out the words and concepts while reading."

"I have learned so much from Wade. I can't wait to implement 'Wade Mode' in my classroom."

"Wade's strategies for helping build confidence in students make so much sense! These are perfect for my at-risk students."

"Wade is genuine and committed to all students' learning. He walked us through practical ways to apply this to our classrooms."

"It is clear that Wade is able to adjust to any student in his classes. His stories are inspiring!"

"Wade is a trailblazer in his creation of a reading technique that helped students below grade level achieve their goals."

"His strategies created an overall increase in the student's self-confidence which was recognized by every teacher. It was very exciting to watch."

"Students leave with increased reading prowess that perpetuates a higher level of self-esteem, tenacity and overall confidence in school."