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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ernie Chapin is especially qualified to present this seminar. He has over 30 years of teaching experience, most of those years working with difficult, unmotivated students that no one else wanted in their classrooms. His success with these students stands as a testimony not only to his skills as an educator, but also his compassion and concern for all students, especially those that society has traditionally cast aside.

Ernie has shared his insights, ideas and message with educators throughout the United States. His audiences consistently praise his common-sense, practical approach in dealing with unmotivated, difficult students. Ernie’s down-to-earth style, humor and real-life stories make his ideas clear and accessible to the audience.

Ernie is the author of, MOTIVATING THE UNMOTIVATED: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Reaching Unmotivated Students (Grades 6-12), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. You are invited to join Ernie for this thought-provoking, practical seminar. You’ll leave with proven methods for motivating your unmotivated students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Ernie Chapin

“I am leaving this class with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear understanding of what I want to accomplish with my students. Ernie’s ideas are presented in such a way that I feel confident that I can use the ideas in class tomorrow.”
– Lisa Taylor, Teacher

By far the best seminar and instructor I have ever been to see! Every teacher should have an opportunity to participate because it would make our world a better place.”
– Randy Black, Math Teacher

“This seminar was fast-paced and content-laden. Ernie is vastly entertaining and kept me hanging on his words. I foresee a number of ways to incorporate his materials into my instruction. Thanks!”
– Nikki Tobias, Teacher

“Great seminar! I wish my entire school faculty could hear this. I can’t wait to try this material in my class.”
– Brooke Hollingshead, Math Teacher

“This seminar was informative, entertaining and above all, inspirational. I feel that my batteries have been recharged. I am so excited to take these principles back to my classroom.”
– Jessup Borra, English Teacher

“Ernie Chapin is very inspirational. This seminar was full of great ideas that I will practice and use with my students. The booklet is full of so many great activities, quotes and resources. Very enjoyable experience. Thank you!”
– Lynne Sheppard, Spanish Teacher

“Ernie was incredibly inspirational and had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. What a gift he is to the education community!”
– Rene BeVierDill, Drama Teacher

“Ernie is dynamic, caring and a born educator. He had me convinced in the first 15 minutes that if only prospective teachers were taught to relate to the humanity of their students like Ernie relates to his students, his seminar attendees and indeed all the people who cross his path, our schools and our nation would again be #1 in the world.”
– Rosie Adair, World Language Teacher

“I really enjoyed this seminar. I learned new strategies to use in my classroom. Thank you!”
– Wendy A. Silva, Para Educator

“Ernie did a great job of presenting the material. I’m excited about using the information to inspire students to catch a vision of who they are now and how they can achieve the dream of who they would like to be in the future as positive, contributing members of society!”
– Cas Betts, Special ED Resource Teacher

“Thank you so much for all of the great information I can take back to the teachers I work with. I could listen to Ernie all day, very informative!”
– Janet Petersen, Instructional Assistant, Special Education

“Very useful, practical, applicable lessons I can take back to my classroom.”
– Brian Hickman, 6th Grade Teacher