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About the Instructor – Alan Krenek

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Experienced as a special education teacher, behavior specialist, and school administrator, Alan Krenek has a unique understanding of a school day from both the teacher and campus administrator perspective. As a teacher, he taught students with behavior and emotional challenges; building relationships that transcended the school’s walls. Outside the classroom, he championed for students; ensuring their voices were heard and needs met.

As a behavior specialist, Alan began working with educators to equip them with instructional and behavioral proven strategies necessary to transform their classroom. His passion for helping students and educators led him to restorative practices; an alternative method for managing disruptive behavior. Now, Alan is an energetic and engaging national presenter specializing in restorative practices.

His lively, practical seminars allow participants to leave informed and empowered to begin creating more productive learning environments where students take greater responsibility for their own behavior.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Alan is a great speaker! He is energetic and kept my attention the entire time. I have learned a lot of tools that I will definitely use in my classroom and share with my fellow teachers.”
– Jill Schmelz, 4th Grade Teacher

“Alan presented totally engaging and realistic material to apply in my classroom tomorrow. I am excited to pass along my new knowledge to my kindergarten team of teachers.”
– Katelyn Cooper, Kindergarten Teacher

“Alan’s seminar accomplishes so much in giving a new mindset, practical strategies that are doable and inspiration to be a more loving, patient and effective professional.”
– Marcia Tinman, Paraprofessional

“Alan provides helpful strategies to implement in the classroom.”
– Amy Borowiec, Teacher

“Absolutely incredible! Alan Krenek is a natural. His seminar is memorable and I cannot wait to share with my staff. I’ve never been so motivated.”
– Sheri Engstrom, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Alan’s seminar is rich in content and the message of restoration is spoken from the heart.”
– Mary Novak, Teacher

“Alan presents a great seminar! I can’t wait to try sparking connection in my classroom.”
– Rebecca Hastings, Teacher

“Alan’s enthusiasm really made the seminar enjoyable. Very down-to-earth, common-sense and practical ideas.”
– Julia Zeleske, 1st Grade Teacher

“Alan’s seminar is extremely informative and helpful.”
– Cliff Brugman, Student Coach

“Alan has a great deal of background knowledge and a wealth of experiences working with students that contribute to the seminar. This is an excellent seminar with a great deal of strategies I can take back to my school and ED/BD program.”
– Gina Marinello, Special Education Teacher

“Alan presents a great eye-opening seminar! I loved how engaging it is, the humor, the strategies – everything about it is relatable.”
– Sarah Davis, Special Education Teacher