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David Ginsburg is a highly acclaimed, experienced teacher and instructional coach. He has a passion and expertise for helping teachers and instructional leaders create effective student-centered classrooms. This NEW seminar is informed by his initial struggles and eventual successes as a teacher, which provide a personal and inspirational basis for his “do more for students by doing less for students” approach. David credits student feedback as the key to his growth as a teacher, and is devoted to sharing with fellow educators what his students taught him.

He presents nationally on student-centered education and is the author of the popular Education Week blog, Coach G’s Teaching Tips. David is also the author of Do More for Students by Doing Less for Students (Grades 3-12), the extensive resource handbook that each participant will receive at the seminar. David has received numerous awards and accolades including “Global Hero in Education” by Microsoft. Harry and Rosemary Wong wrote about David’s impact as a coach, saying “In his many years of coaching practice, David has built a superhighway for teachers to excel and students to achieve.”

Join David for a powerful, enlightening and transformational day of learning that will help you do more for your students, by doing less for your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“David renewed the passion I have for what I do--serving children in the most meaningful way possible. His information is invaluable for our success and morale as educators.

“David Ginsburg was awesome and so informative. He gave terrific strategies to engage my students. Outstanding presenter!”

“Very engaging. David genuinely showed his concern for students and teachers. I am inspired to empower my students to take charge of their own learning.”

Loved David’s seminar! His way of teaching is so engaging and energizing.”

So relevant and engaging! I could spend all week listening to David Ginsburg!”

“David offered practical strategies that can I can use right away! I’m leaving with increased confidence as a teacher and excited to try these strategies with my students.”

Informative and empowering. Great modeling of the strategies he shared.”

“David was excellent. He provided very practical resources with strong rationale for why. Terrific seminar!”

“David has an exceptionally nuanced understanding of classroom teaching and an approachable way of conveying what he knows.”

David was wonderful! Positive, respectful, humble, interactive, student-centered, and great modeling of useful classroom strategies.”