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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ernie Chapin is especially qualified to present this seminar. He has many years of teaching experience, most of those years working with difficult, disruptive and defiant students. He currently works in a juvenile justice center teaching classes with diversion, drug court and truancy offenders. His success with these students stands as a testament not only of his skills as an educator, but also his compassion and concern for all students, especially those that many in society have cast aside.

Ernie has shared his ideas and message with educators throughout the United States. His audiences consistently praise his commonsense, practical approach in dealing with difficult, defiant students. Ernie’s down-to-earth style, humor and real-life stories make his ideas clear and accessible to the audience. Ernie is the author of Motivating Your Underachieving Learners (Grades 3-12), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Ernie for this thought-provoking practical seminar. You’ll leave with proven strategies that you can utilize with challenging, disruptive, defiant students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Ernie’s message was powerful! His passion for students and care of others is clear as day. Education is about the people.”
- Scott P., Special Education Teacher

Totally enjoyed my day! Thank you for what you do!”
- Andrea Teichmiller, Autism/Educational Consultant

“This seminar was extraordinarily helpful. It helped me to reflect on how to encourage my lower performing students. I look forward to taking this material back to my school!”
- Eric Johnson, Principal

“I liked the ideas in the handbook that I can really use tomorrow when I go back to school!”
- Janice Hiles, Special Education Teacher

“It was great to hear such a positive, upbeat professional talk about the students we work with each day. Many strategies will be used and remembered. Thank you for all you do.”
- Stephanie Linsmeyer, Teacher

“Very motivating and encouraging!”
- Billie Braeger, Special Education Teacher

“Thank you for rejuvenating and refreshing my heart.”
- Chris Marrow, Teacher

“Loved it! Thank you for all the information - it will definitely be used in the classroom and in my life!”
- Linda Tschida, Special Education/Science Teacher

“It’s amazing to finally hear someone speak who really ‘gets’ the kids that I teach.”
- Veronica Schinke, Special Education Teacher

“Thank you! This seminar has reignited my teacher flame!”
- Justin Stojsih, English Teacher

“Very motivating! A real refreshing day. I will definitely use many of these ideas with my students.”
- Shannon Jones, Grade 6 Reading Teacher

Thank you for a tremendous seminar day. It was truly motivating and I will be using many of the lessons next week.” - Marjie Olson, Teacher

“Ernie has a lot of enthusiasm and good ideas to try to help motivate students.”
- Melinda Meo, Teacher

“Lots of great information. Ernie kept me alert and into the subject. A lot of information given in a short period of time and I can use it all! Thank you.”
- Nancy Stedl, Grade 6 Special Ed/Math Teacher

“Loved the presentation and loved the handbook! I would love to come back for more!
- Cindy Heaster, Teacher