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About the Instructor – Sheryl Lain

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sheryl Lain is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher, consultant and national presenter. She has over 30 years of experience as a secondary teacher, including the past 10 years as a literacy coach at the secondary level. Her seminars are known for being fast-paced, practical and inspiring.

Sheryl will spend the day giving you dozens of practical strategies and tips she has learned though her own professional experience implementing Response to Intervention in the schools in which she works. You will receive the extensive resource handbook, Response to Intervention: Practical Strategies to Support Struggling Secondary Readers (Grades 6-12), she wrote specifically for this seminar. It is filled with strategies, resources and ideas you can use immediately as you begin or continue to refine a RTI reading model in your classroom or school.

You won’t want to miss this outstanding and highly beneficial day of learning with Sheryl Lain!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Excellent, practical strategies to take back and use in the classroom! Thank you!”
– Meghann Kuklinski, Sixth Grade Arts/Reading Teacher

“Very well done! Thanks for all the strategies and helpful hints. Sheryl Lain was full of stories and experiences that made the information more meaningful.”
– Mike Fuhrmann, Middle School Teacher

“The knowledge and energy that Sheryl shared was fantastic. I am so excited to use these strategies immediately! Thank you.”
– Kristi Ruggles, High School English Teacher

“Very informative. This seminar made me feel more comfortable in understanding RTI. The ideas are very usable.”
– Jean Smith, Teacher

“Excellent! Lots of hands-on strategies tied to research. Sheryl is very knowledgeable and able to get ideas across. Her handbook is very useful.”
– Susan Roberts, K-12 Literacy Specialist

“Sheryl created a framework for us to understand RTI, but the nuts and bolts of her presentation is found entirely in her reading and writing strategies that can be used in the classroom today and tomorrow.”
– Adrian Dennis, English Instructor

Fantastic, practical and well researched!”
 Ryan Lamb, Seventh Grade ELA Teacher

Sheryl’s enthusiasm was above and beyond! She was so honest and shared strategies that don’t break the budget.”
– Rebecca Mayforha, Middle School Reading Teacher

“Sheryl Lain was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Examples were given as well as the use of practical everyday classroom strategies. Great motivational tools for secondary struggling readers can be carried into all grade levels.”
– Eliza Lopez, Multi-Needs Specialist

This seminar was interesting, practical and professional. There’s so much to bring back! Sheryl gave her all to us for many hours. A+!”
– Carol Butchlo, High School Teacher

“Great strategies for getting students engaged with text! Very practical and easy to follow!
– Amy Connoley, English Teacher

“This workshop was packed with relevant information and learning strategies based on research.Sheryl did an excellent job of modeling strategies for classroom use.
– Maureen McGovern, Reading Specialist