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Susan Fitzell is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about helping teaching professionals make Response to Intervention as well as other tiered problem solving approaches work successfully in the classroom without the pain and difficulty often associated with this challenge. With more than 30 years of experience in the classroom as a teacher, teacher’s coach and administrative consultant, Susan is in demand as a presenter at district, state and national conferences.

For the past ten years, she has been successfully working with schools to implement tiered problem solving models under the umbrella of Response to Intervention. She fully understands the challenges today’s secondary teachers face and has dedicated her professional career to finding solutions that work for both students and teachers. She teaches practical, effective strategies for success.

Susan is the author of several books geared to helping educators and parents help youth. She knows what gets teachers excited and most importantly, knows what practical, simple and effective solutions teachers want and need. Her thorough understanding of the challenges teachers face on a daily basis in the classroom along with her practical experience enables her to truly understand what teachers desire in their daily work. This seminar is a response to the requests of numerous secondary school instructors who need timely and useful resources that they can use every day. Susan is the author of RTI Strategies for Secondary Teachers (Corwin Press, July 2011). The book is billed as a “strategy bank for secondary teachers.”

As a participant of today’s seminar, you will receive a copy of Susan’s latest handbook, RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: Powerful and Practical Interventions and Strategies for Classroom Teachers Using a Problem Solving, Tiered Approach to Support Struggling Learners (Grades 6-12), which is filled with practical strategies for implementing RTI in grades 6-12.

Susan’s presentations are lively, compassionate and most importantly, practical. Her enthusiasm and creativity keeps the seminar fast-paced and interesting. You’ll leave the seminar with many ideas and “how-to” strategies that are easy to implement in the inclusive classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This was very informative and well worth the time away from my students.”
– Kerry Seastrum, English Teacher

“Thank you for being positive and focusing on whole ideas, whole school policies. I think the handbook will help general education teachers see they are already part of RTI!”
– Jamie Pope, Special Education Teacher

Fast, quick strategies that work in all classrooms. Thanks!”
– Judy McGann, Special Education Administrator

“Very informative seminar! I learned many new ideas that I will use. Susan is a creative, dynamic and interesting presenter.”
– Donna Bresnick, Special Education Teacher

“An upbeat presentation with great practical application, real ideas and real examples!”
– Janice Lind, Teacher

“The seminar was very informative and useful for classroom instruction strategies.”
– Timothy Cusack, Guidance Counselor

“Excellent explanation of content and examples/methods that can be used immediately. Instructor was in tune with our needs and tailored her presentation to those needs.”
– Lisa Reinhardt, English Teacher

“Lots of strategies that are explicit, useable and easy to share with colleagues. Susan is very well‑versed in current research and resources.”
– Patricia Juranovits, Math Curriculum Supervisor

“I really enjoyed this seminar and have learned new ideas and strategies to use in my classroom.”
– Lindsay Hoffman, 6th Grade Teacher

“I am thrilled, Susan truly is a breath of fresh air! Tools she discussed are real, useable and smart!
– Kristin Card, Art & History Teacher

“Material was presented beautifully. Lots of valuable resources.
– Jean Sargent, 5th Grade Teacher

“I really appreciate the current, compiled research and am interested in reading Susan’s handbook. Susan was very knowledgeable and inspiring!”
– Jen Rubera, 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher