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About the Instructor – Kristen Large

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

KRISTEN LARGE is an enthusiastic, engaging national presenter with a wealth of classroom and field experience. Kristen began her career in the classroom and after gaining her master's degree and reading specialist credentials, she began working specifically with struggling readers. Her passion is for helping all children become successful readers.

Kristen has a wealth of ideas and strategies to share with you and your school team. You will find her seminar highly practical, interactive and filled with strategies and ideas you can use immediately in your classroom or district. You will also receive Helping Your Struggling Readers Become More Successful Readers: Targeted Interventions that Work! (Grades K-5), the extensive resource handbook Kristen developed specifically for this seminar, as well as online resources and a free digital download packed with ready to-use interventions.

You will leave this fast-paced seminar inspired by Kristen's creativity and enthusiasm, along with a wealth of practical, highly effective strategies you'll be able to use immediately with your own struggling readers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Kristen is a very friendly and upbeat instructor who is full of fun and creative ideas! I will be recommending this seminar to my fellow teachers and administrators."
Chelsea Trumble, 4th Grade Teacher

"Kristen is great! She gave us a lot of helpful ideas. She kept things moving and explained everything in great detail."
Cindy Clark, Title I Reading Teacher

"Wow! So many things I will do next week! I can use every assessment and activity. I can't wait to share this information with teachers in my district."
Stephanie Springman, Reading Interventionist

"In a world of canned programs, this seminar has woken me up. I finally feel that I have a full toolbox of interventions I can use that will actually help my students!"
Stephanie Sultana, Reading Specialist

"I would highly recommend this seminar to any of my colleagues. Kristen Large offered a wealth of strategies and interventions. I would definitely return to see her again."
Angela Wagner, ELA Curriculum Specialist

"Wow! I was engaged the whole time. I learned so many things I can start implementing tomorrow."
Mai Huynh, Reading Interventionist

"Kristen Large's seminar is excellent. Great hands-on, accessible strategies and materials. As a whole, the day was engaging, useful and motivating. As a veteran teacher of 28 years, I was thrilled to have so many take-away ideas and useful resources."
Tracey Laszlo, 2nd Grade Teacher

"Kristen is the best presenter I have seen in a long time. Very useful ideas! Great resources!"
Robyn Craig, 5th Grade Reading Teacher

"Very informational, combined with humor, actual activities we can take with us, and tips from her actual experience."
Traci Jones, K-5 Reading Specialist