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About the Instructor – Heather Kenny

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HEATHER KENNY is an outstanding educator and presenter. Over the course of her 25-year career in education, she has served as a classroom teacher and dyslexia tutor. Heather works closely with schools and districts to support teachers in implementing practical, science-based instructional techniques that can improve literacy outcomes for students with dyslexia. Heather understands the challenges that today’s educators face as they strive to address the needs of all readers. She is passionate about empowering teachers with knowledge and skills so that they are wellequipped to provide their students - particularly those who fit the profile of dyslexia - with optimally-effective literacy instruction.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This is a great seminar, I learned a lot about dyslexia and things I can do to help my students."
Breanne Latham, Teacher

"This seminar was super informative."
Charlotte Michael, Reading Teacher

"This seminar validated much of the work I have been doing on structured literacy and how as an instructional coach can move our district forward"
Paulette Baker, Instructional Coach

"Very clear explanations of dyslexia and effective ways to address it."
Jennifer Duke, Teacher