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About the Instructor – Kelly Harmon

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kelly Harmon is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with extensive experience teaching literacy. Drawing from her many years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and national consultant, Kelly's presentations are fast-paced, interactive and highly engaging providing you with practical strategies to use your classroom tomorrow. You will receive dozens of classroom-proven ideas you can use to strengthen your reading and writing instruction helping students catch up when they have fallen behind!

Kelly has a wealth of ideas and strategies to help you refine your literacy program. She is co-author with Dr. Robert Marzano of the book, Practicing Skills, Strategies, & Processes: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Develop Proficiency and the author of Catching Up Students Who've Fallen Behind in Reading or Writing (Grades 3-5), the extensive digital resource handbook she developed just for this strategy-packed seminar that can be used immediately with your Grades 3-5 students. You won't want to miss this day filled with humor, fun and a wealth of practical information that will boost your approach to teaching.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"There was so much great information and learning today. I'm so glad we have access to the Google folder and I am looking forward to trying new things. Thanks for all your work, Kelly. Fantastic!"

"Kelly Harmon was so experienced, prepared and provided us with a wealth of information. I loved having so many resources that I can access and review."

"Absolutely PHENOMENAL day with Kelly. Not one minute was wasted and her willingness to generously share was incredible. I can't wait to share all that I learned with my team!"