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About the Instructor – Alyssa Villarreal

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Alyssa Villarreal is a dynamic and creative world language educator, author, curriculum developer, and teacher coach. She has been teaching, coaching educators and developing curricula for more than 20 years. Alyssa works with educators and schools across the country and internationally to develop meaningful language programs at all levels of instruction. She is a regular presenter at national, regional and state conferences.

Alyssa is the author of Increasing Performance in the Target Language to Strengthen Your Students' Communicative Proficiency (Grades 6-12), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Additional authorship credits include her role as being one of the authors of a national framework publication, which impacts today's world language classrooms: the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project.

Alyssa's seminars are highly inspiring as well as practical. Participants in her seminars consistently give her outstanding evaluations and leave with many classroom-proven activities and ideas they can immediately implement in their own world language classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Alyssa gave great, relatable examples. Her balance of strategy and application was not only helpful, but also attainable. She left me excited to take a new perspective and approach to my classes and colleagues!"
Amira Kamal, Teacher

"Excellent seminar!"
Nadine Stewart-Brown, Spanish Teacher

"This is a great seminar! I learned so much and can't wait to use these resources!"
Diana Hudgens, Spanish Teacher

"Alyssa's seminar was very helpful! I have been trying to implement this for a couple of years. I feel more confident to start this next school year."
Stephanie Puskarz, Spanish Teacher