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About the Instructor – Rebekah Stathakis

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Rebekah Stathakis is an engaging, dynamic presenter, award-winning national board certified world language educator and author. Throughout her career, she has focused on finding engaging and effective ways to enable students to authentically use the target language while fostering a classroom culture where students want to use the target language. She has been honored with many educational awards, including the national Disney Teacher Award which recognizes creativity and innovation in teaching.

Rebekah is the author of Accelerate Your Students’ Communicative Proficiency: Practical Strategies for Maintaining 90% Target Language Use in Your WORLD LANGUAGE Classroom (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. The handbook is filled with practical, effective ways to develop communicative proficiency by meaningfully staying in the target language.

Rebekah’s seminars are known for being fun, fast-paced, personable, inspiring, and filled with strategies that you can immediately implement in your world language classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Rebekah is an amazing presenter and truly empowering! I can’t wait to meet my goal of 90%.”
– Beth Vind, High School Spanish Teacher

“This seminar is very helpful! I am taking away many concrete strategies to use immediately.”
– Liz Evert, High School Spanish Teacher

“Rebecca has a great personality for presenting! She is engaging, comical and energetic. She covers all that was promised and I feel confident that I will use her strategies and suggestions.”
– Melanie Lasee, High School German Teacher

“Rebekah is very informative and this is a very worthwhile seminar. She gave me a lot of new ideas that I can apply immediately. I’ve always wondered how to apply these ideas and now I have the tools to begin.”
– Meghan Ray, Middle School Spanish Teacher

Wonderful presenter, great strategies, fun, and enlightening day!”
– Julie Flores, High School Spanish Teacher

A lot of great information and great ideas! This seminar is a fantastic way to boost your enthusiasm in the world language classroom!”
– Cheryl A. Kakuk, French Teacher

“Rebekah is a wonderful, dynamic presenter with a lot of relevant, valuable tools to use in the classroom. I’m so glad I made the time to come!”
– Jessica Heeman, High School French Teacher

“This seminar exceeded my expectations! Rebekah is very personable and demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
– Tony Wiltse, High School Spanish Teacher

“Rebekah’s seminar is very worthwhile! I learned many strategies that I can use tomorrow in my classroom. Everything is well articulated and easily understood.”
– Rebecca Reed, High School Spanish Teacher

“Rebekah gives a lot of ideas I can put to work right away. She is easy to understand and talk to.”
– Clara Solano, Spanish Teacher

Wonderful, hands-on strategies and tips from someone who knows her stuff and puts it into practice!”
– Karla Avila, High School Spanish Teacher

Very approachable, knowledgeable presenter with a passion for teaching. I am leaving energized!”
– Brigitte Martin, French Teacher

“Rebekah is an outstanding presenter! I like that she is not stating that there is only one way to reach the goal, but rather there are many strategies that I can use to get there.”
– Jamie Aumend, High School French Teacher

“Informative, engaging and completely useful!”
– Vanessa Rivera, Spanish Teacher