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About the Instructor – Catherine Ritz

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Catherine Ritz is a dynamic and creative world language educator, curriculum developer, department leader, and teacher trainer. Catherine works with educators and schools across the country to develop meaningful language programs at all levels of instruction. She is a regular presenter at national, regional and state world language conferences.

Catherine is the author of Accelerate Your Students' Communicative Proficiency: Practical Strategies for Maintaining 90% Target Language Use in Your WORLD LANGUAGE Classroom (6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Catherine's seminars are always exciting and inspiring as well as practical and applicable. Participants in her seminars consistently give her outstanding evaluations and leave with many classroom‐proven activities and ideas they can immediately implement in their own world language classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"I am walking out of this seminar with a much better understanding of how to focus my lessons on communication in the target language 90% of the day."
Mar Canizares, Teacher

"Catherine Ritz is phenomenal! She provided and actively demonstrated numerous activities and strategies the I can implement in my classroom tomorrow."
Mayrenid Mejia-Ayala, Grades 6-8 Spanish Teacher

"Catherine is organized, knowledgeable, uses time productively and offers real-life examples of the ideas given."
Maria Delaney, Spanish Teacher

"This is a fabulous seminar. Catherine gives tangible activities and information that can be implemented into my teaching lessons tomorrow!"
Eamon Griffin, Spanish Teacher

"Catherine presents lots of strategies that are useful, doable and not overwhelming."
Ludivine Forté, French Teacher

"Catherine does a phenomenal job teaching teachers. She not only gave us a ton of useful resources, she made sure we left feeling like we could incorporate it because we practiced and modeled it throughout the day."
Adrianna Rios, Teacher Specialist

"Catherine presents a fantastic seminar full of great ideas! It gets me excited to transform future classes."
Mikaela Anglin, Spanish Teacher