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Daryl Boeckers leads by example in his classroom. He understands how, when and why to implement cutting-edge digital tools in order to best enhance world language instruction. Experienced in working with middle and high school students, Daryl now trains pre-service language teachers how they can best use digital technology in their instructional programs.

Daryl is the author of Making Best Use of Apps, Digital Devices and Other Cutting-Edge Technology Tools in the WORLD LANGUAGE CLASSROOM (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Recognized by his state’s language association for exemplary instructional design and applications in the world language classroom, his interests include assessment, special education students in the world language classroom, differentiated instruction, and hybrid world language teaching and learning.

Participants in Daryl’s presentations have found them engaging and highly practical with a wide variety of applications for immediate use in the world language classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Daryl does a beautiful job balancing the quantity of the material with several very concrete applications. I love the way he challenges us to think in a very practical way about how we plan to follow-up on the seminar.”
- Landry Tagliere, French Teacher/Department Chair

Daryl is a fantastic presenter, with a wealth of knowledge and a wonderful sense of humor! He is enthusiastic, hard-working and patient - all qualities of a memorable teacher!”
- Natalie St. Louis, French Teacher

“I appreciate Daryl’s pace of presenting the material. There are tons of useful ideas for the language classroom. I can’t wait to implement these ideas!”
- Erin Boldin, Teacher

“I love the fact that the focus of the seminar is directed at what I teach and love - language learning and other cultures. Daryl is patient, kind, understanding, and encouraging with beginners.
- Karen Voorhees, Spanish/French/ESL Teacher

“Daryl shares lots of practical ideas I can implement in my classes in the coming weeks. Some I will use in class and others I will share as resources for my students to use on their own time.”
- Donnetta Beatty, Spanish/ESL Teacher

This is a fantastic seminar! I have so many new things to try and use in my Spanish and ESL classes. Daryl is very helpful and gives great explanations of the apps and technology.”
- Alyse Rutkowski, Spanish/ESL Teacher

“I’m very excited with all the new ideas I’ll implement tomorrow!”
- Patricia M. Orlando, Spanish Teacher

Great enrichment presentation! I like that the different apps are listed in the book and in the QR scan page. It will make it easy to revisit some of the things discussed in the seminar.”
- Claudia Volpe, French/Spanish Teacher

“I enjoyed this seminar and learned many ways to improve my teaching using technology.”
- Pat Zema, French Teacher

Daryl is great and the seminar is very interesting and inspiring. I feel like I can do this!”
- Joanne Shumway, Spanish Teacher

Great presentation - informative and funny! I would love to attend another seminar by Mr. Boeckers!”
- Erin Wirkkala Asch, German EFL Teacher