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About the Instructor – Kathy Perez

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathy Perez is an acclaimed teacher and national presenter who specializes in co-teaching English language learners and creative approaches to teaching diverse students. She integrates effective strategies and research with passion and insight from her own extensive co-teaching experience. This innovative and interactive seminar is loaded with teacher-tested materials and activities you can use immediately and share with others. As a dynamic presenter, Kathy has the experience to guide both novice and veteran teachers through an informative day filled with practical, ready-to-use ideas and strategies.

Kathy knows firsthand the daily challenges teachers face and will give you dozens of methods to address those challenges in your co-taught ELL classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Kathy is very engaging and has great strategies to use right away in the classroom!”
– Megan Yirsa, ELD/Reading Interventionist

“Kathy Perez has so many great strategies, but more importantly, is a very knowledgable, engaging teacher.”
– Tina Ingram, ESL Teacher

Kathy does an amazing job of keeping adults engaged, while at the same time showing us how we can do it in our own classes and differentiate for all levels and types of learners.”
– Lauren Lupinacci, Kindergarten Special Ed Teacher

Fantastic! Practical! Excellent! I love that this was taught by someone who has experience with students and has been in similar situations as the teachers who attended today.”
– Leane Shannon, ELL Teacher

“I learned a lot of tools and strategies that will help me re-formulate my co-teaching relationships for next year. Even better, I learned quick tips and ideas that will engage my students.”
– Alyssa Carlson, ELL Teacher

“What a wonderfully balanced seminar blending research, possible structures of co-teaching models and practical strategies that can implemented immediately to support student learning.”
– Janet Gorton, ELL Coordinator

“Wonderful and engaging! Very motivating, humorous and practical. I would absolutely recommend to others.”
– Monica Mann, ELL Teacher

Kathy Perez is very energetic! I learned so much! I loved the engaging videos and activities. Great seminar!”
– Martha Frave, ELL Teacher

This is an absolutely amazing seminar! Thank you so much for all the great information and strategies for co-teaching.”
– Kat Rhoad, ELD and Spanish Teacher

“Well presented! It was so easy to stay engaged. I loved all the strategies and appreciated the brain breaks.
– Jennifer Walls, 5th Grade Teacher

“Great seminar filled with many new, creative ways to engage and help ELLs!”
– Samantha Tilton, Special Ed Teacher