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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mary Peterson is an enthusiastic classroom teacher of ESL students with over 25 years of K-6 teaching experience. She is known for her highly motivating ideas and the practicality of her presentations. She is an experienced teacher trainer, mentor teacher and adjunct professor.

She is the author of Accelerating the Literacy Development and Academic Performance of Your ESL Students: Practical, Classroom-Based Strategies (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Mary presents seminars that are fast-paced, inspiring and, above all, practical. You will leave this seminar with a wealth of ideas, strategies and activities you can use immediately with the ESL students in your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“A day packed full of wonderful ideas and strategies to support ESL children on the journey to mastering the English language! The best BER seminar I have attended in my 35 years of teaching!”
– Carole MacDougall, 1st Grade Teacher

“Fantastic presentation! Very, very applicable examples of practical ideas and activities to do with ELL students!”
– Jenny Wilkinson, ESL Specialist

“Great seminar! Everything I learned is practical and will be put to good use in my classroom!”
– Erin Hurkett, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Extremely informative! Lots of wonderful ideas to take back and use immediately!”
– Judy Rand, Kindergarten Teacher

“Mary Peterson is a wonderful presenter! She offers many practical ideas and activities that are meaningful, rigorous and engaging for students!”
– Aimee Velazquez, 6th Grade Teacher

“Thank you for all the practical and fun ideas! I love the idea of building in fun because my students will become lifelong learners!”
– Kelly Asbridge, 3rd Grade Teacher

Practical, hands-on activities that I can use tomorrow!”
– Jody Schultz, 2nd Grade Teacher

Great ideas that I can’t wait to use in my classroom!”
– Sabrina Spencer, 5th Grade Teacher

“The organization of this seminar is excellent and everything was easy to understand! The resource handbook will be very useful!
– Marcia Corona, 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher

“All of Mary’s examples helped me see how to make and do all of her wonderful activities!”
– Cynthia Joncas, 4th Grade Teacher

“Great ideas! I will use these practical strategies and techniques, not only with my ESL students, but also with my English speaking students to help them understand the key concepts.”
– Beira Segura, Educational Assistant

“A very informative day filled with excellent ideas to stimulate the minds of both students and teachers!”
– Evelia Reyes, ESL Paraprofessional

“Fabulous ‘make and take’! I loved all the useful ideas! I can’t wait to start using them!”
– Linda Vauruska, ESL Teacher