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About the Instructor – Rasheeda Hardy

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Rasheeda Hardy has worked extensively for over 20 years in support of English Language Learners as both an English Learner teacher and Instructional Coach. Rasheeda is a nationally recognized presenter on the topic of effective instructional practices for English Learners and enjoys sharing her knowledge and practical approaches with fellow colleagues.

Her broad schools-based experience uniquely qualifies her to understand the challenges currently facing educators in helping students acquire a new language, while also meeting rigorous expectations and academic standards. She has firsthand experience using cutting-edge, research-based strategies to accelerate the success of English Learners. Audiences regularly praise Rasheeda's highly practical and relevant strategies, invigorating activities and fast-paced seminars. Rasheeda is the author of Helping English Learners Exit Your ELL Program: Impactful Strategies to Accelerate Student Success (Grades K-8), the extensive digital resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

You'll leave Rasheeda's seminar with a wealth of powerful strategies you can use immediately to accelerate the language development and academic achievement of your English Learners.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This is one of the best and most valuable workshops that I have ever attended. A lot of practical ideas I will include in my lessons. Excellent presentation!"

"Very informative. Rasheeda gave me a lot of great ideas to enhance my existing program. Loved everything!"

"Ms. Hardy's workshop was wonderful. I can't wait to start using the strategies with my students!"

"I appreciated the chance to "do the activities!" Ms. Hardy teaches us how our students want us to teach ... I'm rejuvenated!"

"Rasheeda's passion and excitement about teaching ELs is infectious. She has helped me think of lots more ways to incorporate strategies across all content areas. I look forward to seeing the gains my ELs will make this school year."

"Rasheeda's seminar was engaging and interactive, and the time flew! She provided lots of information to help me improve my craft."

"It was so helpful that all of the suggestions were practical with instructions on how to implement them. I liked that we actually tried a number of strategies in the workshop. This is the best workshop I have ever been to!"

"Very organized and terrific presenter. I would take another workshop with Rasheeda in a heartbeat."

"Very informative, practical and inspiring. Thank you Rasheeda!"

"This seminar was amazing. I learned so much today. Rasheeda rocks!"

"Excellent workshop! Very useful and effective for our teaching and supporting our ELs' learning."

"I love how Rasheeda takes a topic and presents it in a way that is very applicable in any grade level EL group."