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About the Instructor – Jorge Elvir

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Jorge Elvir is an experienced classroom teacher and school administrator with many years of experience addressing difficult, disruptive student behaviors at the classroom and building level. Jorge loves sharing with fellow educators Restorative Discipline strategies that reduce the need for traditional discipline, resulting in increased instructional minutes, engagement, learning, and student growth. High energy, passionate and “real” – Jorge shares the strategies he has found most successful for addressing highly disruptive and/or dangerous behaviors.

As a school administrator he played a key role in developing and implementing a highly effective school-wide Restorative Discipline program as an alternative to traditional disciplinary practices. Jorge is a sought-after, frequent presenter and consultant for educators seeking ideas that are both practical and effective for addressing challenging, disruptive, hard to reach students. He is also the author of, Restorative Discipline: Decrease the Need for Traditional Discipline and Increase Instructional Minutes, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Join Jorge for this practical, commonsense approach to developing, implementing and enhancing a restorative discipline program with the power to transform your classroom, school and the lives of your students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Jorge was upbeat, enthusiastic and above all very well prepared. The seminar was well worth the long drive!”

Fantastic training! I can’t wait to use Jorge’s Restorative Discipline strategies with my students.”

“The energy of this seminar and speaker were excellent! The content was powerful yet teamed with an entertaining and engaging format. I would highly recommend Jorge’s seminar to any educator.”

“Excellent seminar, Jorge! Thank you for all the great insights and restorative strategies! I can’t wait to try these out tomorrow!”

“This seminar has given us many practical Restorative Discipline tools to take back to the staff! Thank you!”

“Wonderful seminar! Very motivational and eye-opening.”

“Fabulous job! Jorge was an excellent speaker. Easy to use tomorrow! Thanks!”

“Well done! Jorge was a very engaging and captivating speaker. I’m so glad I attended today.”

“Awesome seminar! I truly appreciated how Jorge used real-life examples in his presentation to connect the restorative concepts we were learning about to actual practice.”

“Jorge is a truly dynamic presenter who held my interest the whole day and left me wanting to learn so much more! I would come see him speak again in a heartbeat!”

“Jorge did an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts and translating them into practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. Awesome job!”