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Mary Anne Butler is an outstanding science teacher and engaging presenter with a passion for bringing science to life for her students. She has been featured on CBS Evening News and in numerous educational publications for her innovative, hands-on science programs with students. She is the author of WHAT WORKS: Using Tools that Students Love to Make SCIENCE Come Alive (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Her seminars are fast-paced and filled with current, cutting-edge teaching strategies that you will be able take back and use immediately!

You won’t want to miss this relevant and practical science seminar that will inspire and give you new ideas and tools that students will love to use in your grades 6-12 science classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Great seminar! I enjoyed all of the fun, innovative, practical ideas that will make science come alive in my classroom. Thank you!”
- Michelle Maio, Teacher

I cannot say enough about this seminar! I am excited and ready to start implementing the ideas and concepts into my teaching.”
- Amy Davis, Teacher

“This seminar was amazing! I am walking away with many new resources as well as a new way of thinking about teaching science.”
- Haley Bevano, 6th Grade Teacher

Fantastic resources and a fantastic presentation! There are so many ideas I want to try in my own science classroom.”
- Brittany Gordon, Junior High Science Teacher

“I have attended many seminars presented by Mary Anne and I get more information and insight each time. Great ideas, great activities and a great speaker!
- Jonathan Beener, Science Teacher

Relevant and insightful strategies and techniques were presented. I am walking away with many resources that will be incorporated into my science classroom.”
- Kristen Betz, Biology Teacher

Great information to motivate students! Many strategies that require students to take control of their own learning. I cannot wait to use this technology in my classroom.”
- Christa Chapman, Chemistry Teacher

Fantastic seminar! Mary Anne Butler is a wonderful instructor and makes the variety of instructional techniques interesting and fun!”
- George R. Davis II, Science/Math Teacher

Ms. Butler was enthusiastic, well-informed and insightful. She presented new and innovative concepts in an interesting and useful way. One of the best seminars I have attended.”
- Meaghan K. Lynch, Science Teacher