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About the Instructor – Mary Anne Butler

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mary Anne Butler is an outstanding science teacher and engaging presenter with a passion for bringing science to life for her students. She has been featured on the CBS Evening News and in numerous education publications for her innovative science programs with students. She is the author of Innovative, Practical Ideas for Strengthening Your Teaching of PHYSICAL SCIENCE CONCEPTS in Your Science Classes (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Mary Anne's seminars are fast-paced and filled with current, cutting-edge teaching strategies that you will be able to use in your classroom with your students. You won’t want to miss this practical and relevant seminar that will inspire you and give you new ideas to use in your physical science classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This was an informative and fast-paced seminar with lots of terrific ideas for science teachers. Thank you!”
– Bob Croce, Chemistry Teacher

“This was a great science seminar! I have so many lessons, activities and websites to take back today.  I love all of the practical ideas to make the science classroom fun. Mary Anne is a great presenter with a great attitude.”
– Nicole Doyle, Special Education Teacher

Great, new ideas. Mary Anne was enthusiastic and entertaining. The whole experience was informative and uplifting.”
– Bill Maradei, Physical Science Teacher

Mary Anne was engaging and energetic. She gave me a lot of fresh and new ideas to use for chemistry.”
– Sylvia Bodmer, Science Department Leader

“Fabulous energy! So much information to take back with me. I wish our whole department had come. Mary Anne Butler is a very dynamic instructor. Thank you!”
– Rachel Zazzaro, Physical Science Teacher

“Mary Anne is great! This is my second time seeing her and I’m still impressed.
– Stephanie Fleming, HS Science Teacher

Thank you for providing us with ideas and examples that can be easily adapted for our students. Good blend of lecture, hands-on technology and discussion today.”
– Susanna Silva, Sixth Grade Science Teacher

Wow! A great science day for me! I am excited about science again! Thank you, Mary Anne for your enthusiasm and compassion.”
– Neal Rinehart, Sixth Grade Science Teacher

Mary Anne was entertaining, inspiring, motivating, and full of ready-to-go ideas and labs. I’m excited to go back to my classroom to educate with an edge and with more confidence that I am making a positive impact on the learning process and student achievement.”
– James Hong, Physics/Chemistry/Physical Science Teacher

Mary Anne was dynamic and interesting! She made it fun with her enthusiasm. She clearly loves what she does.”
– Terri Hace, Science Teacher

Great information to apply in several science disciplines along with keeping it real for students. The handbook and demos were very helpful. Mary Anne’s strategies will be very easy to adapt. Thanks for the great ideas.”
– Jeffrey Hines, Science Teacher

“I have participated in many professional development opportunities throughout the years and for the first time I really feel like I am walking away more prepared for my classroom.”
– Kristen Wick, HS Physical Science Teacher