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Mary Anne Butler is an outstanding science teacher and highly engaging national presenter with a passion for bringing science alive for her students. She has been featured on CBS and in numerous science education publications for her innovative science programs and teaching strategies. She is the author of Accelerating Student Learning in Your Science Classes Using Motivating, Hands-on Activities and High-Interest Strategies (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar. Mary Anne’s seminars are fast-paced, inspirational and filled with current, cutting-edge teaching strategies that can be used in your science classroom. You won’t want to miss this practical and relevant seminar that will re-energize you and give you new ideas to use in the science classes you teach.

What Your Colleagues Say About Mary Anne Butler

All of the activities and demonstrations were excellent. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to science and teaching kids. I’m looking forward to passing that enthusiasm along to my students.” – Amy Miller, High School Teacher

“I loved it! I’m excited to go back and try these ideas. Dynamic Instructor!” – Tracey Powell, Middle School Science Teacher

“Great ideas for incorporating high-interest, hands-on and engaging activities in both my chemistry and biology classes.” – Melissa Imler, Chemistry/Biology Teacher

Today I actually learned new ‘hooks’ to use in the classroom. Dynamic and articulate presentation. Fast-paced yet very insightful.” – Linda Frederick, High School Teacher

“Mary Anne Butler is an excellent presenter. I am walking away with lots of really good material and information.– Lynne E. Kranik, Middle School Teacher

This was an exciting seminar that can be used to rejuvenate any science course from middle school or above. It is a great way to get more students excited about learning science. Thank you!” – Tris Kappler, 7th Grade Science Teacher

“This is my second seminar with Mary Anne Butler. Each seminar has been top notch and has exceeded my epectations. Mary Anne keeps getting better!– Kathy Parsell, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Thanks so much! I can’t wait to get started in class. I can use all of the activities. This was a great seminar!” – Maggie Touloughian, Physical Science Teacher

Wonderful! A lot of information with a variety of sciences and good teaching applications!” – Lisamarie Perini, Biology/Physical Science Teacher

Great activity ideas that are easily adapted to different grade and ability levels. I can’t wait to use them with my students.” – Wendy Stewart, 5-8 Grade Teacher

Practical, intriguing, strongly connected to any science curriculum – this presentation did not lose my interest for a single moment!” – Dawn Johnson, Science Department Chair

“This seminar was not only exactly what I hoped it would be in terms of topics covered, but Mary Anne Butler did a truly outstanding job in presenting the material and offering personal advice and assistance! Excellent!” – Alan Christianson, 7-8 Grade Science Teacher