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About the Instructor – Kelly Harmon

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kelly Harmon is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter who has a wealth of real and practical Title I classroom and school experience. She has worked with dozens of at-risk schools and populations to help increase individual, class and schoolwide achievement. Her work with teachers and school teams in organizing program structures, developing teacher expertise in instruction and fine-tuning assessment practices for targeted instruction has given her national recognition as an expert in the field.

She is the author of STRENGTHENING YOUR TITLE I PROGRAM: Powerful Intervention Strategies to Accelerate Achievement for Struggling Students (Grades K-6), the comprehensive resource handbook you will receive at the two-day institute. Kelly is known not only for her knowledge and skills in working with teachers, but also for her fast-paced, interactive and highly engaging seminars.

You will gain dozens of ideas to strengthen and enhance your Title I program to close the achievement gap for your at-risk population.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Fast paced! Highly engaging! Kelly is excellent and knowledgeable. I gained strategies I can implement tomorrow!”
- Michelle DeBoard, Instructional Coach

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and tips! This will really help improve our current Title I program!”
- Lori Wooden, Reading Specialist

“This is exactly what I needed to strengthen our Title I program! I have new ways to organize, plan, group students, as well as new strategies to use with the students I see for intervention.”
- Valerie Marshall, Reading Specialist

“Thank you! This information will really make a difference in our district!”
- Teresa Shine, Title I Teacher

A wealth of information was given to best fit our ever-changing, innovative Title I program. Thank you!”
- Val Maloney, Title I Coordinator

This is jam-packed with ideas and activities to positively impact student involvement, learning and retention of knowledge.”
- Pamela Whittenhall, Title I Reading Specialist

So much valuable information! I will be re-organizing our Title I program and how I work with students.”
- Cindy Brack, Literacy Coach

Very informative and applicable! So many strategies for all types of learners, particularly our struggling students. Thank you - I can’t wait to implement them!”
- Alena McCarthy, 2nd Grade Teacher

Absolutely fantastic! Kelly is a great speaker and teacher. She is very engaging, helpful and resourceful!”
- Alex Erstad, 6th Grade Teacher