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Co-Teaching Expert Anne Beninghof

Anne Beninghof

BER Presenter at the
National Train-the-Trainer Institute:
Co-Teaching That Works (Grades K-12)

Anne Beninghof is someone who follows her dreams – literally. After dreaming one night that she had written a book on inclusion, Anne awoke and thought “I can do this!” Little did she know where that book and dream would take her!

Anne had soon written and published the book she had dreamed about and now says “Seven books later, I guess I would have to admit that it is addicting. I love sharing strategies with teachers all around the world, especially if they can't come to my workshops.” After her book was published, Anne was asked to present at a national conference, where she was found by BER.

For Anne, one of the best parts of being a BER presenter is being able to share her ideas and techniques with other educators and hearing what their ideas are. Oftentimes, Anne will take the ideas she hears from other educators and “try them with students and share them with the next group of teachers. It is a rejuvenating, collaborative cycle.”

An expert in inclusion, differentiation and co-teaching, Anne credits a summer opportunity she had when she was 14 with inspiring her to become an educator. Anne recalls “My mother wanted me to have an activity to keep me occupied in the summer. I was too young for a job, so I decided on a volunteer position as a counselor at a day camp for children with disabilities. I had never had any experience with people with disabilities, but I found myself transformed by that summer experience. From that summer forward I have always wanted to teach.”

Now working in both the classroom and as an educational consultant, Anne has presented across the United States and Canada. She also maintains a blog to share new ideas with educators, www.ideasforeducators.com. With her focus on “addressing a variety of learning styles in teaching”, Anne ensures that she and other educators are “making learning accessible to all students.”

This Summer and again in December, Anne will be joining another co-teaching expert, Sonya Heineman Kunkel for BER’s National Four-day Train-the-Trainer Co-Teaching Institute. Here, Anne and Sonya will present their ideas and strategies for Co-Teaching, as well as helping to make participants more efficient and effective co-teaching trainers.

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“I appreciate the commitment BER has made to providing teachers with a high quality professional development experience,” Anne says. “I also enjoy the opportunity to share with other educators that - even though it is cliché - one size does not fit all. While I know the vast majority of teachers understand and believe this - we need to make sure that our classroom practices reflect this.”

When not presenting, writing or teaching, Anne enjoys visiting her daughter Rachel, who is studying Opera and would like to become an Opera Diva. Anne also likes to quilt and ski.

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