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Conference for School-Based Occupational Therapists: Powerful Practices to Improve Student Outcomes in Unprecedented Times

Learning Outcomes

  • Select and differentiate innovative strategies to address environmental, social, sensory, motor, or other barriers to student performance in live or virtual treatments.
  • Recognize and describe evidence based-assessments while modifying your clinical expertise in intervention strategies for live or virtual environments
  • List and compare on-line or standard documentation and data analysis strategies to assist with progress monitoring and clinical decision making.
  • Identify and justify accommodations to ensure successful and meaningful participation for learners with varying needs in diverse settings, including home and school.
  • Identify how sensory processing and self-regulation impacts a student's ability to ability to successfully participate in their education
  • List 2-3 no tech, low tech, or high-tech options to meet the diverse needs of your students, promote teacher engagement, increase your own productivity, and/or streamline your workflow.


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