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National Train-the-Trainer Institutes

Differentiated Instruction That Works!
Chicago, June 26-29
Chicago, Nov 28 - Dec 1

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Paraprofessionals Who Work With Students with Special Needs
Anaheim, June 27-29

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS: Strengthen Students' Functional Vision and Visual Perceptual Skills
Seattle, July 6-7

Co-Teaching That Works
Chicago, July 10-13

Guided Math That Works! (Grades K-6)
Boston, July 18-21

Guided Reading to Differentiate Instruction That Works! (Grades K-6)
Seattle, July 18-21

Reducing Disruptive Behaviors to Increase Learning: Strategies that Work!
Chicago, July 18-21

Strengthening the EXECUTIVE FUNCTION SKILLS of Students with Special Needs
Boston, July 24-27

NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS Training Your Grades 6-12 Science Teachers to Effectively Incorporate NGSS into Their Science Instruction
Anaheim, July 25-26

STEM Instruction That Works! Significantly Strengthen Your STEM Program Using Project Based Learning Strategies (Grades K-8)
Boston, Nov 28 - Dec 1

National Institutes

Using Cutting-Edge Tools and Strategies to Enhance World Language Learning (Grades 6-12)

Las Vegas, July 10 - 12

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Brian Miller is an outstanding science educator and a dynamic national presenter known for his enthusiastic, highly practical and engaging seminars chock-full of ideas that secondary teachers can use immediately to flip their instruction for all disciplines in science education.

Brian has more than thirty years of experience teaching biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and environmental science in grades 6-12, including firsthand experience at flipping his science instruction. Brian is the author of “FLIP” YOUR SCIENCE INSTRUCTION: Practical Strategies and the Best, New Tools (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Spending the day with Brian is a rich opportunity filled with practical, creative and ready-to-use strategies and ideas, all perfect for flipping your secondary science instruction. You will leave this dynamic seminar with increased enthusiasm for teaching science and dozens of practical strategies you can use immediately in your own science instruction to enhance your students’ achievement.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“A breath of fresh air and a reminder of why I teach! I am excited to try flipping my instruction!”
− Carolyn Erwin, High School Science Teacher

“Thank you, Mr. Miller! I can now say that I’m motivated and inspired to flip my science class!”
− Angela Colόn, 6th Grade Science Teacher

“Very concrete and applicable information! I can definitely use what I learned today!
− Katie Rutledge, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Great resources and great ideas! You didn’t just show us what to do, you showed us how to do it!”     − Laura Kleven, High School Science Teacher

“I’ve been teaching for nine years and I can honestly say this was the most helpful and useful seminar I have attended! Brian enlightened and inspired me to try flipping my instruction!”
− Matt Perekupka, Chemistry Teacher

“You can tell Brian is a teacher, not just a presenter. He gave us ownership of the seminar in the same way he encouraged us to give our students ownership of their learning!”
− Kathy Buck, 8th Grade Science Teacher

 “Great ideas, experiences and strategies!
− Nick Johnson, Chemistry Teacher

“It was interesting to see another way to flip my instruction – new tools, easy ways to make videos, and great sources for finding videos that are already available!”
− Shannon Gillespie, High School Science Teacher

“This seminar had great ideas and strategies, amazing resources and ideas that can be modified to fit various levels of students!”
− Erin Chiaravalloti, Chemistry Teacher

Very informative and inspiring!
– Ty’anna Bailey, Science Teacher

“Excellent seminar! The flipped instruction idea helps me find the time to engage students in activities, labs and projects without compromising content!”
– Russ Rizzo, 8th Grade Science Teacher

“This seminar was organized, thought-provoking and practical! Brian is an engaging teacher and I’m taking away more than just ideas about flipping my instruction!”
– Nichole Benson, High School Instructional Coach