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National Train-the-Trainer Institutes

Differentiated Instruction That Works!
Chicago, Nov 28 - Dec 1

STEM Instruction That Works! Significantly Strengthen Your STEM Program Using Project Based Learning Strategies (Grades K-8)
Boston, Nov 28 - Dec 1

Guided Math That Works! (Grades K-6)
Washington, DC, Dec 4-7

Guided Reading to Differentiate Instruction That Works! (Grades K-6)
Philadelphia, Dec 4-7

Co-Teaching That Works!
Boston, Dec 5-8
San Francisco, Jan 16-19

Current, Best Strategies to Identify Reading Problems and Target Instruction to Help Your Struggling Readers Become More Proficient Readers (Grades 1-5)
Chicago, Dec 11-12
St. Louis, Dec 13-14
Anaheim, Feb 12-13
Sacramento, Feb 14-15

NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS: Training Your Grades 6-12 Science Teachers to Effectively Incorporate NGSS into Their Science Instruction
New Brunswick, Jan 9-10
Boston, Jan 11-12
Chicago, Jan 23-24
St. Louis, Jan 25-26
Anaheim, Feb 8-9

Decrease Disruptions and Improve Learning for Students with Complex Behavioral Challenges
Chicago, Jan 25-26
Cherry Hill, Mar 1-2

Early Intervention Strategies to Help Your Students Who Struggle with Reading Accuracy, Fluency and Comprehension
(Grades K-2)

Boston, Mar 5-8

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Amy Stark is a National Board Certified Teacher, author and national presenter. She not only currently works as primary grades classroom teacher, but she also brings vast personal experience in successfully using guided math in her own classroom. She designed this seminar specifically for kindergarten to third grade teachers who want to learn classroom-tested strategies to organize, implement and manage guided math groups. Amy is also the author of Guided Math: Practical Strategies to Differentiate and Increase Students’ Mathematical Skills and Understanding (Grades K-3), the resource handbook each participant will receive at her seminar.

You’ll return to your own classroom with a wealth of valuable resources, ideas and activities to make learning fun and help your students be more successful in math. Amy’s seminars are fast-paced and full of practical, classroom-proven ideas that are easy to implement and easy on your budget.

Join Amy for a day filled with innovative, practical strategies designed  to motivate and improve the learning and achievement of all your grades K-3 students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Fast-paced with tons of information that will enhance our current guided math program. Amy Stark is very knowledgeable in answering questions. I highly recommend her seminar!”
– Kati McClurg, Kindergarten Teacher

I really like the variations of academic games; my students can play tomorrow!”
– Jennifer Mancini, Instructional Coach

“Amy presents fantastic suggestions with countless ideas that can be immediately implemented in the classroom!”
– Maura Shanoha, 2nd-3rd Grade Resource Teacher

“Fun academic games and activities! Lots of examples on how to organize and schedule guided math groups.
– Tracy Bufler, Instructional Coach

“Amy did a super job presenting the content. It was nice to see the activities and student samples in person.
– Angie Olson, 2nd Grade Teacher

Outstanding presentation, jam-packed with a wealth of examples to use immediately. I like how Amy used common childhood games with math concepts.”
– Linda Ryzner, Curriculum Team Leader

“I appreciate the organization of materials. I am so glad to leave with a better understanding of guided math philosophy and so many ideas that I can use tomorrow.”
– Charissa Considine, 2nd Grade Teacher

Very practical resources that take little time and money.”
– Cristina Mitchell, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Great information! I learned a lot and now I want to start a math workshop ASAP!”
– Julie Zingg, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Amy is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter. She provides a lot of great examples and ideas to incorporate in guided math. I am very excited to start this technique in my classroom! She keeps everyone interested and gives many great tips to keep students interested.”
– Kate Mansfield, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Fabulous job providing organization for guided math centers. I plan to use all the content that was shared today.
– Ginnie Cunningham, 1st Grade Teacher

“Amy offers multiple ideas for younger and advanced learners. Her resource handbook even included a matrix game organizer. I am walking away with math activities that I can use immediately!”
– Mary Lauinger, Junior Kindergarten Teacher