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About Your Instructor – Kathryn Phillips

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathryn Phillips is a highly recognized international presenter, author and teacher of difficult and disruptive students. With over 35 years of experience in schools, she has worked with thousands of educators in comprehensive behavior management and conflict resolution. Kathryn’s extensive experience in special education brings to her seminars a practical perspective for managing and intervening with highly disruptive students.

You will receive the resource handbook, Effective Strategies for Working Successfully with Difficult and Disruptive Students (Grades K-12), filled with strategies, ideas and samples of student plans, contracts and monitoring cards you can use the very next day with your difficult students. You will leave this seminar re-energized, less stressed and ready to deal with discipline problems in a more productive manner.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Kathryn truly understands our students’ needs and challenges. She gave us strategies and practical tools to make our interventions a success.”
– Jennifer Gardner, Teacher

“Kathryn is excellent! Great ideas and resources I can take back to my classroom tomorrow!”
– Amy Socquet, Kindergarten Teacher

“Excellent seminar! So many practical activities to use immediately in my classroom!”
– Jackie Henderson, 4th Grade Teacher

Kathryn is exceptional, real and motivating! She used great stories, real-life examples and humor to discuss this difficult topic. There are several strategies I will use in my classroom right away.”
– Alicia Angione, Teacher

Kathryn is an engaging presenter! She offered a number of resources, ideas and examples to help in any situation in any grade level. I feel more confident in setting up both individual and whole-class behavior plans.”
– Nicole Bischof, Kindergarten Teacher

This seminar was entertaining, informative and inspiring! The real-world approach and practical application is refreshing and can be implemented with significant results.”
– Terrance Chase, Dean of Students

Kathryn is a true teacher! I learned many new strategies on how to deal with difficult students. I am excited to implement these in my own classroom.”
– Kerie Kelly, Teacher

“It’s important to have strategies to help difficult students, but this seminar is more than that. Kathryn’s ideas are practical and research-based and she is so informative, professional and funny. Thank you!”
– Dana Mullally, 3rd Grade Teacher

Kathryn is inspiring! She kept our attention not just with the content, but also with humor. She is a fabulous instructor!”
– Elizabeth Good, Para-Educator

“Kathryn presented a myriad of useful, practical and engaging resources to use in the classroom with challenging students of all ages.”
– Marilyn Perez, Special Education Teacher

The strategies covered in this seminar are very helpful. We explored many different methods that I will implement in my classroom tomorrow. I would love to attend more seminars by Kathryn Phillips.”
– Andre Grinnage, Behavioral Special Education Teacher

“A very fun, positive, supportive seminar packed with applicable strategies!”
– Michelle Demery, Math Teacher