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April 21, 2012

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$215.00 per person

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8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

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April 21, 2012

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New Strategies and Proven Ideas to Enhance Student Success in Your Child Centered PRESCHOOL Program

Presented by Bev Bos
Nationally Acclaimed Preschool Teacher and Presenter

with Michael Leeman
Talented Teacher, Musician and Illustrator

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Designed specifically for early childhood and preschool educators, this outstanding seminar features Bev Bos, the nation’s most celebrated preschool teacher. Together with Michael Leeman, they share their best, most successful tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of your preschool program.

  • An invigorating Bev Bos and Michael Leeman seminar packed with proven ideas to meet the critical needs of preschool learners
  • Child-centered, common sense strategies to make our preschools ready for kids instead of making kids ready for preschools!
  • Rich ideas and valuable resources to nurture preschoolers’ natural curiosity about literacy, science, art, math, and music
  • Demonstrations, video clips, songs, a unique story writing technique, and a valuable handbook packed with ideas you can use immediately to maximize the effectiveness of your preschool program

Practical Ideas and Strategies

In this engaging, practical seminar designed specifically for preschool educators, Bev Bos, the nation’s most celebrated preschool teacher, together with Michael Leeman, will share their best, most successful ideas and resources for maximizing the effectiveness of your preschool program. Bev is passionate about the need for providing activities that allow preschoolers to fully develop their strengths in child-centered learning environments that ensure each child’s success. She will share dozens of classroom-proven ways to stimulate learning and creativity in your preschool program and you will receive highly practical suggestions for developing your students’ skills in language, math, science, art, and music.

Throughout this active, fast-paced day, Bev and Michael will show you step-by-step ways to create structured learning environments that encourage young children to explore, experiment, investigate, and enjoy the excitement of learning. Whether you have experienced their energy and enthusiasm at other seminars or this is your first exposure to their wisdom and passion, this will be a day that inspires, supports and validates the critically important work of early childhood teachers and educators.

You’ll leave with a wealth of practical strategies for enhancing your preschool program and a valuable resource handbook filled with innovative activities and practical resources you can use immediately in your own program.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Spend Your Day with the Nation’s Most Celebrated Preschool Teacher
    As a highly acclaimed teacher, author and outstanding presenter, Bev Bos continues to share her experience and insight with national audiences … You will be rejuvenated and inspired as Bev Bos and Michael Leeman share countless fresh ideas to maximize the effectiveness of your preschool program
  2. Establish a Dynamic, Child-Centered Preschool Classroom
    Use practical methods to create an environment that encourages young children to explore and experiment … How to provide structure that nurtures while promoting preschoolers’ natural curiosity
  3. Meet the Critical Need to Learn Through Play and Exploration
    Often overlooked as we feel the need to focus on standards, we cannot neglect opportunities for play and exploration … Here’s how to honor and revive the critical activities our preschoolers need to enhance their development as learners
  4. Help Preschoolers Build Positive Relationships
    Learn the most effective ways to promote appropriate social growth for preschool children … Discover how to honor individual styles and stages of growth while building a respectful, cooperative learning environment
  5. Offer Opportunities that Foster Critical Thinking
    See creative ways to develop essential thinking skills in young children … How to go beyond rote learning by trusting your students’ innate ability to solve problems
  6. Advocate for Our Kids to Have the Childhood They Deserve
    Childhood is precious and each student has only one chance at it … Learn how to speak out – not in anger, but with passion – for what we know about how young children learn best
  7. Discover Outstanding Ways to Nurture Children’s Literacy
    Unlock the best techniques to encourage students’ natural curiosity about reading and writing … How to use the best songs, books, resources, and Bev’s unique story writing process to nourish preschoolers’ desire to communicate
  8. From Treasure Maps to Salt, Sand and Sugar!
    Here they are! Discover simple, no-cost, low-cost ways to let your preschool students experiment and explore with science, art and math … Proven ideas to provide daily doses for students to learn “from the outside in”
  9. Build Strong Partnerships with Parents for What’s Essential for Preschoolers
    Learn proactive ways to gain parent support by teaching them as well as their children … Proven techniques to encourage parent involvement that meets the critical needs in the lives of young children
  10. Manage Behavior in Your Preschool in the Most Effective Ways
    Hear practical strategies from the nation’s best-known and highly respected expert to teach your students how to handle natural frustration and differences without doing it for them … Proven ways to empower students to deal with tattling, teasing and inappropriate behavior

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your preschool program by developing a dynamic, child-centered classroom
  • Accommodate the critical need for young children to learn through play
  • Incorporate the best stories, poems, chants, finger plays, and songs that nurture children’s love of literacy
  • Use new ways to encourage children’s self-regulation and ability to solve their own problems
  • Design activities that address the full developmental range of your students
  • Create a dynamic environment that encourages exploration
  • Become an effective advocate for young children’s critical needs in school
  • Invigorate your enthusiasm for working with young children while strengthening your overall preschool program
  • Establish a learning environment that fosters critical thinking
  • Incorporate unique ways for children to experiment and explore in science, math and art
  • Give students the tools to deal with tattling, teasing and inappropriate behavior
  • Take steps toward building effective partnerships with parents that benefit their children
  • Provide children with physically challenging opportunities to grow
  • Distinguish the difference between environments that are structured versus environments that are controlling

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

The pleasure and delight of being in the company of young children in this most important time of their life is what makes our work both rewarding as well as challenging. Naturally, each of us feels a tremendous responsibility to be the best we can be with the children in our care – and to remain faithful to what we know is right. We have specifically designed this innovative seminar to give you the tools you need to build, enhance and nurture an outstanding preschool program.

Who could argue that the early years of a child’s life are not critical? Provided the conditions are right, all children with their natural curiosity, energy and joyfulness can indeed flourish. Our task is to establish an environment where this can happen, not only for children, but for their parents and for those of us who work with them and guide them.

During this invigorating, fast-paced seminar we will share a wealth of practical ideas you can use immediately to maximize the effectiveness of your preschool program. In addition, we will add to your research-based understanding of how children grow and learn, and model for you how to enlist the support of parents and colleagues to best meet the critical needs of our young students.

We look forward to the opportunity to spend the day with you, as we welcome back good friends who have attended our seminars many times as well as those of you we will have the pleasure of meeting for the first time. We value your participation, encourage your questions and appreciate the chance to share many new, exciting ideas with you.

Bev Bos and Michael Leeman

P.S. Our day together will be focused on practical ideas and a wealth of strategies we know you’ll want to implement as you maximize the effectiveness of your own preschool program.

Who Should Attend

Educators working in Early Childhood Education: Preschool Teachers, Head Start Staff, Child Care Providers, Instructional Aides, Special Education Staff, Specialists who work with Preschool Age Children, Administrators, and Parents.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
You will receive a valuable resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar with every single example applicable to preschool, including:

  • Language activities
  • Song and chant lyrics
  • Science activities with specific directions
  • Art activities
  • A resource supply list
  • Teacher resource information

Materials on Display
On display will be sample materials, activities, books, and games that demonstrate the strategies taught in this seminar.

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in providing a stimulating learning environment for preschoolers.

Consultation Available
Bev Bos and Michael Leeman will be available at the seminar to answer your questions and discuss the unique needs of your own preschool program.

Semester Credit Option
Brandman University Logo Up to four Graduate level professional development credit are available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at this BER program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.

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