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May 26, 2011

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May 26, 2011

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The Best Children’s Books of the Decade and How to Use Them in Your Program

(Grades K-6)

Presented by Judy Freeman
Outstanding Teacher, Librarian and Author

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Specifically Designed for K-6 Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, School Librarians/Media Specialists, Public Librarians, Library Aides, and Administrators

  • An exciting overview of the best children’s books of the last decade, matched with a wealth of ready-to-use ideas and engaging activities to incorporate across your curriculum
  • A fast-paced, show-and-tell day packed with read-alouds, booktalks, storytelling, creative dramatics, poetry, music, and a host of other literature extension activities
  • Instantly usable activities, demonstrations, children’s book lists, and a superb literature resource handbook that you’ll use for years

Practical Ideas and Strategies

With thousands and thousands of children’s books published over the last decade, teachers and librarians are faced with the challenge of selecting the best titles to use with their students. Some books have received much attention while other books, equally worthy, have received little, if any, publicity. Taking full advantage of the wealth of wonderful children’s titles published in the last decade can be a daunting task for a conscientious teacher or librarian.

Judy Freeman, librarian par excellence, can help you with this challenge. In this outstanding seminar, she will share her personal treasure-trove of tried-and-true, child-tested titles in her stimulating, high-powered presentation. She will introduce scores of concrete strategies for integrating children’s books, both brand new and gems of the past decade, across every subject area.

Judy’s modeling of reading aloud, booktalking, storytelling, singing, and other literature appreciation activities will leave you inspired — and ready to use these successful, easy-to-use strategies with the best books of the decade!

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. The Best Books of the Last Decade
    Unforgettable field-tested books from the past decade that every teacher and librarian will want to know, from picture books to novels to nonfiction
  2. Preview the Best New Children’s Books
    See the BEST of the most recently published children’s books … Many of the books will be available for your personal review
  3. Tying Books into the Classroom and Library Curriculum
    Connect the best books of the decade to your whole curriculum to enhance language arts, science, social studies, math, the arts, and more … Involve and excite your children with language through creative drama, Readers’ Theater, booktalks, storytelling, poetry, wordplay, and songs
  4. Strengthening Read-Aloud Skills
    Tips and techniques for getting your kids to hang on every word you read — and to become fluent readers themselves … All modeled by one of the country’s read‑aloud experts
  5. Nonfiction Books Your Students Will Treasure
    Learn specific techniques for presenting all types of riveting nonfiction — including informational books, biography, folklore, and poetry — a rich, undertapped resource of meaningful books for all learners
  6. Honing Your Book Selection Skills
    As a reading role model for your students, you’ll find Judy’s many valuable book evaluation strategies essential for selecting both new and classic books you and your children will love to read
  7. Developing Reading and Writing Skills
    Innovative ideas for developing challenging reading and writing projects using the unforgettable children’s books of the last decade as your starting point in an integrated literacy approach
  8. The Best New Picture Books
    Discover some of the most arresting and inspiring picture books published in the last ten years and learn how to use them creatively throughout the curriculum with students of all ages
  9. Current Trends in Children’s Literature
    Catch up on the hottest authors and illustrators and the latest developments in the children’s book publishing world … See how those trends have evolved over the last decade
  10. Developing Lifelong Readers
    Instantly effective book-sharing techniques to get children fired up with irresistible books for read-alouds, read-alones and guided reading

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Discover a wide range of the best easy fiction and fiction books of the decade that will engage students of all ages and abilities
  • Use the best of the best new children’s books to instill the love of reading in your students
  • Promote curiosity and lifelong learning skills with the best of recently published nonfiction children’s books
  • Apply highly practical strategies for incorporating literature into every subject area you teach
  • Sharpen your evaluative criteria for selecting the best books to read aloud and use with your students
  • Find a book’s voice as you hone your read-aloud techniques and inspire your students as readers
  • Rejuvenate, expand and make new connections with your existing repertoire of great books
  • Use music, creative drama, storytelling, reading aloud, booktalking, creative writing, and many other literature extension activities to make reading come alive for your students
  • Keep your kids humming and playing with language with book-related songs, chants, poems, puzzlers, and wordplay
  • Foster creativity, improved reading comprehension, and higher-level thinking skills with the exemplary children’s books of the last decade
  • Titles perfect for guided reading, literature circles and book clubs
  • Ways to strengthen listening and reading skills with the most appropriate titles of the last decade
  • Innovative writing and illustrating prompts that extend children’s response to literature
  • How to use Readers’ Theater to get your students reading aloud and alone with fluency, comprehension and expression
  • How to make library and classroom connections between your children and outstanding new children’s books
  • Practical ideas for motivating and exciting even your most reluctant readers and writers
  • Exemplary Web sites for getting to know authors, illustrators and great books

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

“Have you read every book in the library?” students ask incredulously.

“You READ these books?” a new student asks, amazed that a grownup would admit to loving books meant for children.

We teachers and librarians are the gods and goddesses of great books. Our children look upon our wisdom and depth of book knowledge with awe. Our job to turn them into readers is never done.

Why are the Finns number one in children’s literacy worldwide? They READ to their children. They TELL THEM STORIES. And LIBRARIES are a very important part of their lives. You want your children to test better? Read to them. Tell them stories. Take them to the library. They’ll read better. And test better. And live better.

I read thousands of new children’s books each year. I’m always on the prowl for books that inspire, amaze, entertain, enlighten, and stimulate. I love to field test my favorites with teachers and librarians and their students. My goal? To find out which books work best with their intended audience – actual children, grades K-6.

My philosophy of teaching and life is this: Give children, teachers, librarians, and parents more than they ask for, more than they think they need, more than they ever knew existed. This is also what I aimed for in putting together this year’s Best Books of the Decade seminar. For each book I select to share with you, I look for the Book Hook — that mysterious, magical lure that will pull you in and get your own creative juices flowing.

We’ll examine and evaluate the latest best books to see what makes them so great. We’ll get excited about new books and old favorites and ways to use them to get our children reading, writing, illustrating, and responding to literature across the curriculum in classrooms and libraries. I’ll bring lots of new examples of children’s projects, writings and other creative responses to the books we’ve explored.

We’ll get practical: How can we help our kids read with expression, comprehension, fluency, and joy? What books will fire up children and get them to want to read more? During our book-packed wow of a day, we’ll interact through hands-on writing activities, booktalking, reading aloud, storytelling, songs, and drama. We’ll even put on a play! With my latest irresistible mix of wonderful, new children’s books — picture books, fiction, poetry, folklore, biography, and nonfiction — I’ll demonstrate down-to-earth, easy-to-use ways of making books come alive for children.

I can’t wait to meet you and share my favorite passion: Children’s books and the many creative ways to get kids reading and loving them.

Judy Freeman

P.S. Bring a smile and a sense of adventure! Let’s get together to have a ball looking at the best books of the decade!

Who Should Attend

K-6 Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, School Librarians/Media Specialists, Public Librarians, Library Aides, Administrators, and Parents.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
You will receive an exciting resource handbook, The Best Children’s Books of the Decade and How to Use Them in Your Program (Grades K-6), specifically designed for this seminar. This comprehensive handbook includes:

  • An extensive annotated bibliography of 200+ best books of the past decade
  • Practical suggestions, lessons and reproducibles for using children’s books to enhance your literature-based program
  • “50 Ways to Recognize a Read-Aloud” and other essential lists and language activities
  • Songs, chants, Readers’ Theater scripts, stories, and poems
  • Lists of the best, new Web sites for children and educators to investigate children’s books and authors
  • An annotated bibliography of 150 outstanding professional resources

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in learning about the best books of the decade.

Consultation Available
Judy Freeman will be available at the seminar to answer your questions and discuss the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
Brandman University Logo Up to four Graduate level professional development credit are available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with Brandman University, part of the Chapman University system, will be available at this BER program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.

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