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About the Instructor – Larry Lewin

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Larry Lewin, a classroom teacher for more than 30 years’ working with students in grades 6-12, now consults for school districts across the United States and Canada. Internationally recognized for his expertise in developing strategies for writing improvement, he is the author of Practical Strategies for DIFFERENTIATING WRITING INSTRUCTION in Your Classroom (Grades 6-12), the extensive teaching resource handbook that each participant will receive at the seminar.

Additional authorship credits include Great Performances: Creating Classroom-Based Assessment Tasks, 2nd Ed. (ASCD); Teaching Comprehension With Questioning Strategies That Motivate Middle School Readers (Scholastic); Reading Response That Really Matters To Middle Schoolers (Scholastic); Paving the Way in Reading and Writing: Strategies and Activities to Support Struggling Students in Grades 6-12 (Jossey-Bass); and three writing textbooks for Stack the Deck Writing Program.

As an experienced teacher who served grades 6-12, and now a university writing methods instructor, Larry knows what works and what doesn’t in today’s classrooms.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

The strategies Larry presents are extremely practical. He presents the ideas in a logical way and provides samples and examples that reinforce and explain the concepts.”
- Emily Breese, High School English Teacher

“Larry Lewin is a master at sharing usable, fun strategies that will work for all learners.”
- Tracy Thunem, 6th Grade Teacher

“Larry’s presentation is extremely useful. I learned realistic strategies to implement immediately.”
- Bonnie H. Shortino, 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

“Larry presents absolutely one of the most beneficial seminars I’ve ever attended.”
- Valerie Masunas, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

“Terrific! Larry presents one of the most practical seminars I’ve attended.”
- Chris Stultz, Jr. High Principal

“Larry Lewin presented the best seminar I have attended thus far in my career. I look forward to implementing many (if not all) of the strategies I have learned today.”
- Christina Gonzalez, English Teacher

“Larry Lewin presents realistic, usable, interesting techniques to meet the needs of all learners with the understanding that educators also have different strengths and weaknesses.”
- Betty Ilowitz-Ryder, Reading Specialist

“Larry presented one of the best seminars I have attended - and I measure ‘best’ in terms of how much was presented that can be actually used tomorrow in class.”
- Mike DeMazza, High School Social Studies Teacher

“Wonderful, practical strategies! I especially like the connection to core and the tech tools.”
- Angela Kanak, High School English Teacher

“Larry does a terrific job presenting ideas I can use tomorrow … A great variety, too!”
- Lori Rill, English Middle School Teacher