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About the Instructor – Ken Vieth

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ken Vieth is an artist and master teacher with 33 years of classroom experience working with students at the secondary level. He is a frequent presenter at state and national art conferences and has authored over 75 articles published in the School Arts magazine.

Ken is also the author of two resource books, From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Art and Design Problem Solving and Engaging the Adolescent Mind Through Visual Problem Solving, and co author of the new textbook entitled The Visual Experience. All works are published by Davis Publications, Worcester, MA.

Ken’s mixed-media sculptures are in private collections in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Ken Vieth is the recipient of fellowships from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Princeton University and a Christa McAlluffe Fellowship in New Jersey. He has consistently received outstanding evaluations from those who attend his inspiring, thought-provoking and highly practical presentations that have enabled him to develop his educational work in visual problem solving.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Absolutely wonderful! Ken Vieth is an enthusiastic and highly insightful art educator! I am so excited about what I learned today that I can’t wait to take his book home with me to start planning similar art projects for my own students.”
– Cara Miller, Art Teacher

“A fantastic day. The seminar is very insightful. Nice to finally have practical application to studio projects.”
– Jason Ackman, High School Art Teacher

Mr. Vieth reconfirms the importance and necessity of the work we do. He brings enthusiasm and dedication to his presentation and all material is relevant and delightful!”
– Maria Ambre, High School Art Teacher

“The hands-on activities, combined with the content of the seminar, are outstanding.”
– Michele Morris, Art Department Head

“The creativity and quality of Ken’s ideas as well as his students’ work are inspirational.”
– Jessica Tolbird, Middle School Art Teacher

Awesome ideas, especially projects using free materials.”
– Jan Georgion, Secondary Art Teacher

“Ken Vieth is a breath of fresh air,challenging me to rethink what I’ve been doing in the classroom.”
– Nikki Aubuchon, High School Art Teacher

“I am so glad I attended this seminar. I feel uplifted and greatly inspired.
– Pamela S. Frakes, High School Art Teacher

“This is my 37th year of teaching. Kenhas given me a fresh look at a number of ideas.
– Jim Stange, High School Art Teacher

“Wow! Mr. Vieth is awesome. What an amazing man, obviously filled with life. He’s so funny and positive. I would love to see him again!”
– Brian Luoma, Graphic Arts Teacher

“Unlike some seminars full of rhetoric, this one is full of useful ideas and information. Ken’s enthusiasm is wonderful and makes me want to do more. This is really inspirational and very enjoyable.”
Maria Kuno, Teacher

“Inspiring and very informative. Well worth the time.
– Susan O’Donell, Art Instructor

Exactly what I needed – a boost, some inspiration, new ideas. Everything is appropriate for my current curriculum.”
– Arlene Spoonfeather, Middle School Art Teacher

“I have used Ken Vieth’s first book many times and always with great results. I would recommend this seminar to anyone! Thanks for inspiring me.”
– Debra K. Myers, Secondary Art Teacher