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About the Instructor – Cheryl Sweeney

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A Uniquely Qualified Seminar Leader

Cheryl Sweeney is an excellent classroom teacher and an excellent presenter. Cheryl puts her 25+ years of teaching experience to good use when she trains teachers and presents workshops at local, state and national levels. Because Cheryl has been in the classroom, she knows that teachers want practical ideas that really work! She has presented her seminars throughout the United States and Canada and has been the keynote speaker at several national reading conferences. Cheryl loves developing and presenting seminars in the area of language arts and explicit skills instruction, and has been enthusiastically working with LITERACY CENTERS for several years. She received her Master of Science in Education with an emphasis on literacy instruction, and is excited to share her ideas about LITERACY CENTERS in the hope that they will help every student maximize his/her ability to learn while freeing teachers to work with small groups. Her new resource handbook, USING LITERACY CENTERS to Strengthen Your Reading and Writing Instruction (Grades 1-3), will be given to each participant attending the seminar. Cheryl’s expertise, practicality and enthusiasm keep her workshops fast-moving and enjoyable. You’ll return to your first, second or third grade classroom with ready-made activities and new teaching strategies to allow you to work smarter, not harder.

What Your Colleagues Say About Cheryl Sweeny

Cheryl’s workshop is fabulous! I enjoyed the video clips and viewing her students’ projects.” – Karen Rogers, 1st Grade Teacher

“Wow! Cheryl is a teacher-friendly presenter. I can’t wait to jump in and use all her ideas.” – Amy Gomes, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Cheryl is enthusiastic, informative and engaging! She shared many ideas I can use right away!”  – Mary Novak, Teacher

Well organized . . . Inspiring . . . REAL . . . Motivating . . . Great reference materials . . . Time with Cheryl was great fun!” – Dianne Clark, 1st Grade Teacher

“Excellent, practical ideas with a perfect amount of theory and research.” – Lindsay Brennan, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This was the ultimate seminar! I received so many useful ideas I can use tomorrow!” – Yvonne Lessard, Teacher

“What a wonderful presentation! I would definitely recommend this presentation to others!” – Shelia Hernandez, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Cheryl gave us lots of great information . . . usable, immediate and fun!” – Sara Lenohardt-Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Mrs. Sweeney is a breath of fresh air! Her ideas will make reading more fun! It is great to have a ‘real’ teacher who understands what it is like in the classroom!”  – Michele Sefcik, 1st Grade Teacher

“Delightful! Lots of good ideas! After 28 years of teaching it is good to receive new management techniques.” – Gayle Reed, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Cheryl’s seminar gave me many new ideas I can share. Her presentation was wonderful, informative, entertaining, and the handbook is excellent!” – Rhonda Short, Reading Recovery Teacher

“This workshop was both rich in ideas and very practical. I plan to incorporate many of Cheryl’s ideas into my reading instruction this week.” – Angie Daugharthy, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Cheryl is down-to-earth and easy to listen to. Her ideas are incredibly innovative and practical. The day flew by and I enjoyed every minute.” – Yvonne Gwin, Teacher